A Complete Guide to a Clean & Decluttered Garage

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How can I declutter my garage quickly

More households use their garage as a storage unit rather than a place for their car and other items. This means things can get messy quite easily, because we often put stuff away and forget about it. When the mess becomes overwhelming, the real challenge is to restore the order your garage once had.

While there are plenty of house cleaning services in Hacienda Heights, CA that will get your home spotless, you’re alone in your decluttering endeavor. And this can get scary, especially if you’ve never taken on a project of this scope. To do it properly, it’s best to make a strategy so you can maximize your time and energy.

How long does it take to clean out a garage?

If you plan ahead and start first thing in the morning, it can take from a few hours to a couple of days. Also, keep in mind that simply decluttering your garage might leave you wanting for results. Instead, look at decluttering as a prep for thorough cleaning that will truly make your garage shine. 

Now, on to decluttering. As overwhelming as it can seem, it doesn’t have to be, especially with a couple of handy tips. Here’s a list of a few easy steps to help you make cleaning out your garage a simple and fun process.

1. Take everything out and sort it

How long does it take to clean out a garage

When we say everything, that includes absolutely everything that you can pick up and remove. Pick a day when the weather is dry and take all of the things outside. You’ll be surprised how many hidden items can suddenly appear. Let your garage air out and scan for any signs of mold so you can deal with it before you put the items back.

As soon as you pick something up, look at the state of it. Is it dirty, broken or unusable? Sort your items in three piles. One would be for the items you need and will use, the other is for donating and the third one is for the items you will throw away. If you ask yourself when’s the last time you used an object, you can easily decide which pile to put it on.

2. Purge the ‘keep’ pile

It’s easy to trick yourself into keeping more things than you need. Just like your basement, the garage is a place for forgotten items, and finding something can inspire you to use it again. But if an item is broken, and you didn’t get around to fixing it, there’s a small chance you’ll actually repair it. If it’s cheaper to buy a brand new item than to fix an old one.

Don’t be afraid to let go. Some items might have been passed down to you and hold a sentimental value, but other than that they’re obsolete. One of the things on your monthly cleaning schedule should be scanning your garage for any old and unusable items. You shouldn’t hold on to material things that are of no use to you. 

3. Invest in quality storage helpers

When organizing your garage, it’s best to maximize the wall space, as most items can be hung up. Bulky items, like ladders, tools and sports equipment can easily go on hooks and up on the wall. Other items, specifically small ones like nails and screws, which you can easily lose, should go in containers and boxes. Sort everything by function and label every box.

4. Prep for a detailed clean

In need of professional house cleaning services in Hacienda Heights, CA

It doesn’t matter if you’re now going to clean your garage on your own, or if you’re hiring professionals – there’s just a couple more things to do before your garage is ready for the final polish. Do a bit of dusting and vacuuming, check to see if everything is organized just the way you want it, and just take a final look to ensure there’s room for cleaning. 

Finally, if you’re truly prepping your garage to the max, seal cracks and repair any potential hazards before the cleaners come. Garages tend to take the brunt of harsh weather, and it can show. Now, your garage is fully-prepped for a thorough, in-depth cleaning. 

How can I declutter my garage quickly?

If you want to clear out your garage as fast as possible, these four steps are essential not only for decluttering, but also for keeping your garage mess-free. To get yourself in an energized cleaning mode, put on some music and comfortable clothes. This is also helpful for decluttering your bedroom, as the wardrobe usually contains more items than you actually use.

In need of professional house cleaning services in Hacienda Heights, CA?

If cleaning your garage after a complete declutter  is more than you can handle, don’t hesitate to call Oasis Natural Cleaning! We work with maids who possess the knowledge and tools for proper cleaning of any type of space. Visit the Peter F. Schabarum Regional Park and leave the mess to us!

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