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Best Tips for Property Cleaning Between Tenants

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Do landlords need to professionally clean between tenantsBefore a property becomes vacant, a tenant or a landlord should deep clean it. Since it’s usually unknown for how long it will be empty, it’s best to contact one of the cleaning services for realtors in Santa Fe Springs, as they’ll make sure your property stays clean for longer.

There are a few things that you have to take care of between tenants and cleaning is a large portion of the process. We’ve listed some useful tips for effectively cleaning the rental and keeping it in its best condition for as long as possible, so read on!

Do landlords need to professionally clean between tenants?

If your previous tenant left a mess, they’ll likely lose their deposit and you can use that money to deep clean the rental. This is a chance to let the experts refresh your property and one of the reasons why property owners hire rental cleaners is that they don’t have to deal with their tenant’s mess.

However, if your rental looks good after your tenant has moved out, you don’t need to deep clean. A regular clean before the next visit is usually enough, but the thing that every property manager knows is where to look for hidden dirt in their rental. The professionals can notice it too, so it may be better to leave them to deal with it.

How to keep a house clean between tenants?

It’s easy to neglect a property if there’s no one living in it. But since you’re cleaning it when your old tenant moves out, it’s best to do it in a way that keeps it clean for longer, without leaving any breeding ground for harmful bacteria. We’ve compiled a list of 4 tips that prolong the freshness, so keep reading!

1. Repaint the walls

If a smoker was living in your rental, there’s a high chance that the walls have absorbed the smoke and not only did they change their color, but they also smell very bad. A new coat of paint brings back life into those walls and represents a fresh start.

2. Schedule a regular clean every other week

In order to keep your property in excellent condition, it’s best to clean it once every two weeks. Since it’s vacant, there’s no one to make a mess of it, so it’ll stay clean and semi-dusty until it’s time for the new tenant. Checking up on your property every other week also ensures that it’s fully functional and there are no damages that need repairing.

3. Deep clean the carpets or replace them

People underestimate the quantity of dirt that falls onto the carpets, so it’s no wonder they are the dirtiest part of every room. Any experienced rental property cleaner can tell you that a clean carpet makes the room look nicer and smell better and vice versa. On the other hand, no matter how clean a room is, if the carpet is stained or smells bad, the new tenant won’t like it.

4. Check the plumbing and electricity

This is more of a maintenance tip, but it’s as equally important as cleaning. You should check all the taps and see if there is a water leak that needs to be fixed and make sure that every lamp and ceiling light has a functional lightbulb. Also, hire an electrician if there are any damaged cables, sockets, or switches as this can be dangerous if not repaired.

Where can I find experienced cleaning services for realtors in Santa Fe Springs?

cleaning services for realtors in Santa Fe SpringsAside from being a pretty cost-effective solution, hiring cleaners for your rental saves you time and energy. This is why Oasis Natural Cleaning is here for you! The maids we refer to you are experienced in cleaning rental properties and know the best tricks for keeping them clean for longer.

Instead of tirelessly washing away your old tenant’s grime, have an exciting day off near the Santa Fe National Forest with your loved ones. Waste no time and contact us today!

What Every Property Manager Needs to Know About Cleaning

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What are some cleaning do's and don'ts for property managersHaving a rental is great passive income, but in order to keep your tenants or attract potential ones, you have to maintain your property spotless. When it’s time to give their rental a deep clean, many landlords look up cleaning for realtors and hire professionals in Santa Fe Springs to do it for them.

However, while having an expert sanitize and thoroughly wash everything is the easiest way to get your rental looking immaculate for the new tenants, sometimes you want to do it yourself. And, during the inspection, there are a few things you should know about cleaning your property. Keep reading to learn more.

What are some cleaning do’s and don’ts for property managers?

Whether you’re deep cleaning your property between tenants or just looking to freshen it up, here are the things you should do:

  • Check for mold and take adequate steps to remove it. Realtors usually overlook this because mold can be hard to spot, but it usually develops in the bathroom because of all the moisture. You can easily remove it with bleach and install a durable bathroom fan that prevents the mold from forming again.
  • Wash the windows thoroughly. Having dirty windows affects the brightness in the room and makes it look less pretty. On the other hand, spotless windows allow more light to come through and the room looks warm and pleasant. It’s a nice detail that every tenant pays attention to.
  • Disinfect the handles, switches, and doorknobs. Since sanitization became a part of our daily lives, we cannot forget about all the small things we touch with dirty hands. And when you’re presenting your rental to a potential tenant, you want to make it safe for them. Also, a clean light switch or a door knob is just as noticeable as a dirty one.
  • Take a picture of your rental before you sign the papers with your new tenant. This serves as digital proof of the property condition in case something breaks. It’s always recommended to hire rental property cleaners beforehand to set the hygiene standard for your new tenant. When they see an immaculate home, they are more likely to keep it that way.

And here are the cleaning don’ts for property managers:

  • Don’t forget to deep clean your carpets. Since they’re on the floor, everything falls on them, and a dirty carpet always catches a tenant’s eye. If you notice a foul smell in a certain room and can’t find the cause, it’s probably the carpet. On the other hand, a freshly washed carpet makes the whole room feel more pleasant.
  • Don’t focus solely on the interior. The exterior is the first thing a tenant notices about the property and if neglected, they won’t be too happy about it. A power washer is great for removing any stubborn dirt on your exterior walls and it’s easy to use. Also, having a tidy garden or landscape in front of your house makes it more welcoming.
  • Don’t forget to clean your ceiling fixtures. Whether it’s a chandelier or a ceiling fan, the dust would be a very unpleasant surprise for a future tenant. Cleaning these should be the first thing on the checklist, as they’re in the upper part of a room and the dust tends to accumulate rapidly on them.

Who provides the best cleaning for realtors in Santa Fe Springs?

cleaning for realtors in Santa Fe SpringsTo make your property look fresh and clean without sacrificing any energy and precious free time, call Oasis Natural Cleaning! One of the reasons why you should hire professional cleaners is because it’s stress-free, and we ensure that by referring experienced maids. Instead of scrubbing the dirt from your rental windows, have a relaxing day off near the Turnbull Canyon. Contact us today!

Benefits of a Recurring Cleaning Service

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recurring cleaning service

Do you want to have a nice and clean home?

Living in a home that is clean and has a high standard of sanitary conditions is crucial. This is especially true in times of heightened virus risk. But the responsibilities that come with maintaining a clean home are not that inviting for most people

As a homeowner or commercial property holder, you can hire professionals who will conduct recurring cleaning services. These experienced people make sure that you won’t have to face the tiring tasks by yourself.

In this article, Pinnacle Management uncovers the major benefits of opting for a recurring cleaning service. You’ll learn all about the value provided by these convenient services.

More Quality Time

The number one benefit of cleaning services is having more free time for yourself. It’s no secret that keeping your home sparkling clean requires a remarkable time investment.

When you add up all the time you spend cleaning, the result is likely to be surprising. Hiring a cleaner will allow you to enjoy more of the things that you love the most in life. You can spend more time with your family and friends or focus on your hobbies.

Healthier Living Spaces

The COVID-19 situation and its aftermath show how important hygiene is and cleanliness to keep your living quarters safe. Thorough cleaning counters the accumulation of bacteria, viruses, and germs on your home’s contact surfaces.

But it’s not only your physical health that gets a boost. There are mental health implications as well. Since many mental health issues are connected to stress, lowering your daily stress levels could have a positive impact.

Better Organization

recurring cleaning

Professional cleaners won’t start reorganizing your things. But after they pay a visit, you are likely to find it much easier to organize your home. The overall cleanliness could give you that much-needed spark of motivation to take care of other things.

There are many practical tasks that you can finish after the cleaners have taken care of your home. For example, you can declutter your rooms or improve the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Combat Allergy Problems

Cleaner homes pose fewer allergy risk factors. When a home isn’t cleaned regularly enough, common irritants like mites, mold, dust, and mildew could start causing allergies in more susceptible people.

Recurring cleaning service helps to consistently remove these allergens. When you or your family member suffers from allergies, you can ask the professionals to use only neutral and skin-friendly cleaning products.

Stop the Pest Intrusion

Pests are a major nuisance for many homeowners. Food crumbs lying on the floor and spills on the kitchen table are typical cases that attract a variety of pests like rats and cockroaches.

Getting regular cleaning services will greatly reduce the chance of having to deal with the common household pests. When you already have pest issues, you can ask the cleaners to focus on the problem areas in your property.

Stress Relief

Cleaning your home demands time and energy. Sometimes things can get a little overwhelming as you have to juggle a lot of household chores. Hiring professional cleaners takes care of this problem.

By opting for a recurring cleaning service, you won’t have to stress about keeping your home safe and sanitary anymore. The associated stress reduction could be bigger than you expect. For instance, you will have zero worries about unexpected guests. Your home is always clean and shiny for any guests.

Longer Life of Home Fabrics

Periodical professional cleaning extends the life of your home’s furnishings and carpets. That’s because the useful lifetime of these fabrics plunges whenever the dirt and spills start accumulating without any cleaning.

Cleaning services indeed lead to some expenses. But these associated costs can be balanced by the savings that you’ll enjoy from extending the lifetime of different areas and components of your home.

The Bottom Line: Benefits of a Recurring Cleaning Service

recurring cleaning services

Professional cleaning services deliver excellent value to your household. When you choose cleaning carried out on a recurrent schedule, you’ll make your home safer, healthier, and attractive.

These are the main benefits of recurring cleaning service:

  • You’ll have less stress, fewer worries, and more free time on your hands.
  • Professional cleaners will remove common irritants, effectively cutting the risk of allergies.
  • You may have more motivation to organize and improve your home when it’s sparkling clean.
  • Many items in your home, such as carpets and furnishings, are likely to last longer.
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