Step-by-Step Guide to Post-Construction Cleaning

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Guide to Post-Construction Cleaning

Have you just finished building or remodeling a house in La Habra Heights? Well, now you give it a thorough post-construction cleaning. This is a serious maintenance task that entails many steps as you need to ensure all dust and dirt particles are completely removed.

If you’re unsure how to approach it, we have prepared an easy-to-follow step-by-step post-construction cleaning guide. Keep reading to learn what it includes!

How do you clean a new house after construction?

After construction, it’s essential to scrub the new house thoroughly to get rid of debris, leftover material, and dust to ensure a safe place to live in. Here are all the steps you need to take:

1. Get your supplies ready

You’ll need brooms, dustpans, a heavy-duty HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets, microfiber cloths, cleaning solutions (dish soap, white vinegar, or commercial cleaners), garbage bags, putty knives, scrapers, and PPE.

2. Remove debris

  • Collect all large chunks of debris, packaging materials, and scraps and put everything in garbage bags to dispose of them appropriately.
  • Sweep the floors to remove loose dust and dirt. Then vacuum thoroughly to suck in as much fine dust as possible.

3. Dust all the surfaces

  • Applying the top-to-bottom approach, wipe the ceiling and all the walls to remove construction dust stuck to them.experts in post-construction cleaning
  • Address the fixtures. To avoid increasing dust circulation in the air, avoid dry dusting. Instead, tackle the surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth. Simply mix a few drops of dish soap and warm water, dip the cloth, wring it, and wipe the areas. Make sure to rinse and dry everything thoroughly.
  • Wipe window frames with a damp microfiber cloth and use a white vinegar solution for the panes.
  • Clean all doors, door frames, and knobs with soapy water. Don’t forget to rinse and dry.
  • Tackle cabinets, drawers, countertops, sinks, and all built-in appliances. Be sure to remove the dirt from the inside and outside and don’t use any harsh chemicals. Warm soapy water will do the job.
  • Vacuum the floors to extract all dust particles stuck in crevices.
  • Finally, mop the floors with soapy water, rinse, and dry.

4. Final touches

Construction dust takes time to settle. That’s why you’ll need to recheck your property before moving in. This final stage is essential to establishing a healthy living environment. You should do the following:

  • Inspect the HVAC system and replace the filters to ensure good indoor air quality. Check all the vents and ducts and remove any dirt that may have accumulated during your construction works.
  • Remove any remaining dust from the surfaces.
  • Address any smudges or fingertips.
  • Vacuum and mop the floors once again.

Final words

Post-construction cleaning is a lot more time-consuming and challenging than regular cleaning. It requires exceptional organizational skills, a complete understanding of the process, and adequate equipment. On top of that, prolonged exposure to dust and dirt particles can harm your health if you approach this task unprepared. 

That’s why it’s advisable to hire professionals specializing in post-construction cleaning. They’re trained to get the job done efficiently and to protect themselves along the way.

Where in La Habra Heights can I find trustworthy experts in post-construction cleaning?

How do you clean a new house after constructionIf you’ve just constructed or renovated your living space in La Habra Heights, you need to clean it from top to bottom to ensure no harmful construction dust has remained. But if you can’t do it by yourself, don’t worry. Oasis Natural Cleaning is at your service.

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