5 Tips to Make Your Garage Sparkle

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There’s no shame in admitting that your garage is most likely your dedicated storage area. The more stuff in your garage, the easier it is for dust and dirt to find a home. If you live in Hacienda Heights, you might consider hiring a reputable house cleaning service to tackle it, as they can make the garage remain clean for longer.

However, cleaning it yourself isn’t as difficult as it may seem. You might not be a skilled cleaner, but with a few household items and a good strategy, you can make your garage look clean just like a professional would do it. Read on to learn more about it.

How do you clean a really dirty garage?

Every garage is the perfect place for dirt, cobwebs, and potential pests, so it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. Of course, you don’t have to clean it as often as your bedroom, but a quick swipe once a month is preferred. You’ll need to prepare the proper equipment in advance, as well as some form of protective gear. This includes:

How do I get rid of dirt and dust in my garage

  • Rubber gloves
  • A face mask
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Heavy-duty brushes
  • Dish soap and water
  • Bleach or other strong chemicals
  • Sponges and microfiber cloths

How do I get rid of dirt and dust in my garage?

We’ve already established that most garages are storage areas. It’s just one of those things. And that’s completely fine. However, that does mean there’s going to be plenty of dust and dirt. In turn, your garage will require a dedicated cleaning effort.  

This is probably why a lot of people delay this task. It’s time-consuming, and complicated. However, it might be easier than you think. We’ve made a list of a few tips to help you clean this room as efficiently as possible, with affordable and safe chemicals.

1. Clear out the garage and declutter

Take everything that’s been sitting down there and place it outside. If the items are dusty, wipe them as you take them. This should be a part of your monthly cleaning schedule that prevents dust build-up. Not only will your garage breathe again, but the items you stored there will also get some fresh air. 

By clearing out the space you can easily notice mold, rust, or other problems. Act accordingly and try to repair the damage. Also, make sure to put back fewer things than you took out, as there’s probably something you no longer need in the pile.

2. Vacuum the dust and clean the mold

Just because you can’t push the dust outside doesn’t mean it should stay in the garage. This is the perfect job for a vacuum cleaner, as it can efficiently pick up every speck of dust and all the cobwebs. After vacuuming, wipe down the shelves, countertops, or other surfaces you have in your garage and move on to the floor.

To clean the mold on your concrete floor, whether it’s in your garage or in another place around your home, you’ll need a stronger chemical. Pour a small amount of product on the mold spot and give it a good scrub with a brush. Rust stains can be removed with dry cement and flagstone. Don’t forget to wash the product off your floor with dish soap and water.

3. Tackle the windows and the garage door

How do you clean a really dirty garage

Once you’ve rid your garage of all the dirt, dust, and grime it’s time to clean the garage door and windows. If you did this first, you’d only end up with dust and dirt on our door and windows again. That’s why it’s essential to first take care of other tasks before giving your garage the final touch. 

First things first, be careful when cleaning windows and avoid scratching them. This goes for your garage door as well, especially if it features those modern glass surfaces. To avoid damaging your garage, make sure to:

  • Avoid solvent-based, abrasive, and ammoniated cleaners
  • Use clean cloths and nonabrasive sponges
  • Refrain from using razor blades and squeegees on your garage door – you can damage it
  • Power washers seem cool, but they can easily cause damage if you’re not careful

The most effective way to clean both your garage door and windows is to use a soft cloth and some mild dishwashing soap. If your door is steel, apply some wax too for additional protection and shine. You can also put some resin on your exterior window panes to further protect them from harsh weather conditions. 

4. Get organized

Now that you’ve finished the cleaning process, it’s time to take care of one final task – getting your garage organized again. You’ve decluttered, you’ve cleaned out your garage to prep it for a clean, and now it’s time to get the “keep” items back and organize them better than before. 

This way, you’ll prevent excessive dust and dirt buildup and make each successive cleaning effort a lot easier. Here’s what you can do to ensure your garage remains well-organized for as long as possible: 

  • Incorporate shelving units for frequently-used items
  • Incorporate closets or cabinets for those items you don’t use as frequently
  • Pegboard can help you keep your tools in check
  • Wall hooks are the perfect solution for storing large items such as shovels and rakes
  • Finally, make sure you group all your items into categories so you know where an item is when you need it.

5. Clean more often

One last tip – clean your garage more frequently. The best way to make your garage sparkle is to maintain its spotlessness. Once you deep clean it, try dusting it every month and regularly declutter. 

As soon as you spill something, mop up the liquid to prevent the development of mold. Before you place anything in the garage, designate a spot for it and ask yourself if you’ll actually use it again.

Do you live in Hacienda Heights and are looking for a house cleaning service?

Do you live in Hacienda Heights and are looking for a house cleaning service

Cleaning the garage can sometimes be dangerous, and it’s better to leave it to the professionals. This is why Oasis Natural Cleaning is here for you! While you take a hike near the San Gabriel Mountains, the cleaners we work with will solve any problem you might have with your garage or any other room in the house. Don’t hesitate and contact us today!

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