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Oven Cleaning Made Easy

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Although it may seem that freeing your oven from grime and dirt is a never-ending task that you are reluctant to do, it doesn’t have to be that way. All you need to do is master a few tricks that will make oven cleaning a breeze.

Nonetheless, perfecting your technique takes some time, which is why you should consider asking reputable residential home cleaners in Whittier for assistance. This article will provide you with some useful tips on how to clean your oven easily. Read on!

What is the best way to clean the inside of an oven?

What is the best way to clean the inside of an ovenCleaning the kitchen, including the oven is one of the essential move-out cleaning tips for sellers. While you may think that using a self-cleaning function will suffice, unfortunately, that’s not the case. However, with good organization, you can do wonders in a short period of time. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Remove and soak the racks

The best way to clean the racks is to remove them and soak them in hot water with diluted dishwashing liquid. The bathtub may be the best place for soaking, just make sure to wash it after use. Leave the racks in the tub for two hours to dissolve the grease and scrub them with a stiff brush. Rinse them with clean water to remove the residue and dry them before you put them back in the oven.

2. Scrub the inside

Similar to deep cleaning a refrigerator, you can make a DIY cleaning agent. Mix baking soda, vinegar, and warm water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the surfaces covered with grease and let it sit for half an hour so that the ingredients can dissolve the baked-on food. 

Use a scrunched-up ball of foil, or a ceramic hob scraper to scrub off the food leftovers. Wipe the oven interior with a damp cloth to remove the residue. If you opt for an industrial cleaning agent make sure to wear gloves and a face mask, as many oven cleaners contain hazardous substances.

3. Free the door from grime

Use the same principle as with the inside of the oven. Apply a bicarbonate and water paste to the cooked-on food, and remove it with a spatula after 20 minutes. Wipe the door with a clean cloth. Don’t forget to wipe down the door knob. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly onto the knob. Spray the rag and rub the controls to prevent shorting. Since this is a delicate operation, you may want to switch up tasks and get your spouse to help with housework.  

4. Keep the oven clean

If you want to reduce the time you spend scrubbing the oven, you should try to make it less dirty. Use oven liners and line the base of the oven with a piece of foil or easy-clean oven sheets. Obtain roasting bags for meat, fish, and vegetables. This way you’ll protect the oven from spills, splatters, and greasy fumes during cooking. Remove the tray when you want to check the progress of the food you’re cooking to avoid grease dripping.

Which residential home cleaners in Whittier are the top choice? 

Which residential home cleaners in Whittier are the top choiceIf you want to have a spotless oven, and have the time for something other than scrubbing, You need to look no further than Oasis Natural Cleaning. Our experienced specialists will make your oven and your home sparkling. We use solely products that are safe for people and the environment. 

Spend some quality time with your friends and family and go on a sightseeing tour of Whittier while our reliable staff deals with every nook and cranny of your home. We are only a phone call away!

Easy Fridge Cleaning Guide

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As housekeeping goes, fridge cleaning is one of the most formidable tasks of them all. One of the reasons why it’s so time-consuming is the fact that most people don’t do it so often and when they do decide to tackle this chore, there’s a lot of caked on-dirt and spills to tackle. 

This is especially the case if you’re moving into a new home that already has a fridge in it that hasn’t been tidied up in awhile. While most people in Whittier prefer to outsource this task to reliable house cleaning services, it’s still well-worth a homeowner’s while to learn how to do it on their own. 

In the following article, we’ll show you how to take your fridge cleaning – and your food safety – to the next level by providing an easy guide on how to make your refrigerator shine. Read on!

Do I need to turn off the fridge to clean it?

Do I need to turn off the fridge to clean itAbsolutely! Water and electricity are never a good combination as you can get electrocuted. Make sure to turn off the fuse or circuit breaker and unplug the fridge. Putting down towels to protect the floor from spills is also advisable. Preparation is an essential step and should be incorporated into a clean-up plan, which is one of the ways to get your spouse to help you with housework.

How do you deep clean a refrigerator?

Once you’re done with preparation, you need to follow a couple of simple steps:

Step #1: Remove food

One of the best move-out cleaning tips is to get rid of leftovers. Check the dates on every food package and throw away everything that’s expired. Consider tossing the food that’s close to the expiration date and that you know you won’t be using any time soon. Put the groceries in a cooler to keep them fresh and sanitary until you finish cleaning.

Step #2: Wash shelves and salad crisper drawers

Take out salad crisper drawers and all removable shelves. Check the user manual beforehand to avoid damaging them. Let the drawers and shelves reach room temperature to reduce the risk of shattering and soak them in the solution of hot water and washing liquid. Scrub and rinse them with clean water and let them dry. Use a toothpick to remove the dirt accumulated on the joint between the shelf surface and its surround.

Step #3: Clean up the interior

Wipe the interior with a damp microfiber cloth to remove the hard dust and scrub with a sponge to get rid of dirt and grime. Similar to cleaning the interior of an oven, it’s effective to make a paste from water and baking soda. Apply the paste to the surface, let it sit for 20-30 minutes, and remove it with a clean cloth. This way you’ll also disinfect the fridge.

Step #4: Make the outer surfaces sparkling

Wash the handle and the door to remove the germs that build up from frequent contact with hands. If you have a fridge with a freezer at the bottom, use the crevice vacuum nozzle to pick up the crumbs that have accumulated in the folds of the door seal, or use a stiff, dry washing-up brush.

Step #5: Tackle the coils

How do you deep clean a refrigeratorUse the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the condenser coils at the back of the fridge. Coils should be cleaned once or twice a year to keep the fridge running efficiently and to prevent them from becoming clogged, especially if your kitchen is full of dust or pet hair.

Where in Whittier can I find dedicated house cleaning services? 

Making your fridge spick-and-span doesn’t have to be an impossible mission. Luckily, Oasis Natural Cleaning is here to help you. Our committed experts provide an array of cleaning services and use eco-friendly products.

Savor an exhibition at Whittier Art Gallery while we whip your home into an immaculate condition. Book our services today!

5 Move Out Cleaning Tips for Sellers

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5 Move Out Cleaning Tips for SellersRelocation is stressful enough, let alone when you think about all the tidying up that is required before you leave your soon-to-be-old home. Luckily, this part of the moving process can run smoothly if you follow the top move-out cleaning tips for sellers.

Also, many residents of Lynwood, CA, opt for reliable move-out cleaning services to make relocating as painless as possible. We’ll go over 5 useful tips on how to tidy up your sold home before you move out. Let’s get into it!

How clean should you leave a house when you sell it?

Although it’s impossible to deal with every nook and cranny of your home before you move out, there are some vital areas that you should pay attention to when you sell your property. Here’s what you need to do:

Tip #1: Make a move-out clean-up checklist

Since you are likely to be short on time when you’re preparing to move out, you won’t be able to deal with every inch of your home. That’s why you should make a checklist and focus on the areas that really matter.

Prioritizing tasks is also one of the ways to get your partner to help you clean. You can start by putting packing any remaining belongings at the top of the list. Once you are done packing, jot down the key surfaces that need to be dealt with in every room. 

Tip #2: Vacuum and mop the floors

Before you move out, you need to vacuum thoroughly. This includes not only the floors but also the inside of drawers, bookshelves, closets, stairs, nooks, and other hard-to-reach areas and surfaces.

Consider getting a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, as it is very efficient for the removal of dust, pollen, germs, viruses, allergens, and other airborne particles. Wipe the inner surfaces of the furniture with a damp microfiber cloth and mop the floors with a spin mop. 

Tip #3: Clear out food leftovers and take out the trash

You can start with your fridge. One of the ways to deep clean a refrigerator is to first remove all the expired food. This is a very important step because various pathogens can develop from rotten food and contaminate the whole house. Besides food leftovers, you should make sure to remove crumbs as they can cause pest infestation. Finally, don’t forget to empty all trash cans in the house.

Tip #4: Scrub the bathroom

Make sure to scrub and clean toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and showers. It’s a good idea to spray some water and white vinegar solution onto the showerhead to remove calcium deposits.

Also, check for signs of mold and mildew. If you spot any, you can first use detergent and water before letting it dry and scrubbing it off. 

Tip #5: Clean the kitchen

Wipe countertops and the inside of kitchen cabinets because they tend to have crumbs and residue from food and other products. Don’t forget to clean the appliances and remove fingerprints and markings.

You should also remove dirt and grime from your oven. You can clean the inside of an oven by applying baking soda on the stains, letting it sit overnight, and scraping it off the next day.

Where in Lynwood, CA, can I find reliable move-out cleaning services? 

How clean should you leave a house when you sell it?If you need someone to help you with move-out cleaning, partner with Oasis Natural Cleaning! We provide professional move-in and move-out cleaning services and use cutting-edge technology like HEPA filters.

Have a stroll around Lynwood while our dedicated specialists get to work. Contact us today and make an appointment!

How to Get Your Spouse to Help With Housework

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How to Get Your Spouse to Help With Housework?Chores are one of the common reasons why couples argue. Doing housework is very demanding, and if you have to do everything by yourself, it’s only natural that you feel upset. Luckily, there is an easy way to encourage your partner to help you with housework. A lot of people also settle this issue by using professional house cleaning services in Lynwood, CA.

If you were wondering how to motivate your spouse to help you with chores, you’ll find the answers here. Read on! 

How do I get my partner to help clean?

Although this may seem to be a million-dollar question, the answer is quite simple. All you have to do is follow these steps: 

Step #1: Communicate your needs with your spouse

The key to success in any relationship is good communication. If you want to prevent incessant arguments about chores, talk with your partner and explain to them how you feel and what your needs are.

Be assertive and convey clearly why it’s important for your spouse to get more involved in doing housework. This should help you understand each other better and reach an agreement more easily. 

Step #2: Make a clean-up plan

Devising a plan is essential for good organization. This will help you use your time and energy more effectively and achieve better results. Make a list of chores, be realistic, and draw up a schedule that works for both of you. For example, since any method of deep cleaning a refrigerator involves a lot of elbow grease, you can do this together.

Step #3: Prioritize

You don’t have to and you usually can’t clean up the whole house in one day. Since not all chores are urgent or need to be done on a daily basis, you should divide the workload into smaller chunks between your partner and yourself and prioritize.

Similar to how clean you should leave a house when you sell it, you need to determine the critical areas and make sure that you deal with them first. 

Step #4: Switch it up

One of the reasons why chores are so tiring and more often than not boring is the repetition of the tasks. If you want your partner to participate more, you should try to make housework fun or at least less predictable and mundane. You can do so by switching the chores you’re in charge of, so you’re not stuck always doing the same thing like cleaning the inside of the oven.  

Step #5: Hire professionals

Hiring professional cleaners is beneficial for several reasons. If you leave the housework to experts, you’ll have more time for yourself and your partner, and you’ll be able to focus on more important things. If you want to tidy up between appointments, now it will be easier to share the chores with your spouse.

On top of this, experienced technicians know how to use cleaning products safely, take care of different surfaces, and clean up your home more quickly and efficiently.

Which professional house cleaning services in Lynwood, CA should I opt for? 

How do I get my partner to help clean?If you don’t want to argue all day with your partner about who is going to do which chores and when, you can count on Oasis Natural Cleaning to swoop in and help you. Our seasoned pros provide comprehensive green cleaning services to ensure your home is hygienic, neat, and healthy after each appointment.

Visit the Lynwood Pacific Electric Railway Depot, relax, and take some well-deserved rest while we spruce up your home. Feel free to reach out to us today!

5 Red Flags of Bad Property Management Cleaners

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How do I know to avoid property management cleanersHiring professional property management cleaners will definitely save a lot of your precious time and energy. However, if the company that you opt for is shady, it can actually get you in trouble. That’s why you should be aware of the red flags of bad property management cleaners.

Being familiar with these indicators will help you choose reliable cleaning services for property management in Pico Rivera, CA, to assist you. This article will provide you with valuable insight into how to recognize what kind of rental cleaners you should avoid. Let’s go through the list.

How do I know to avoid property management cleaners?

Although a cleaning company may seem legit, there are some signs that indicate that you should avoid it. Here are 5 things you should pay attention to:

1. Low, unclear or confusing pricing 

Even though one of the benefits of hiring property management cleaners is saving time and subsequently money, that doesn’t mean that the price should be unreasonably low. Cheap prices usually indicate substandard services.

It’s also important to know if the cleaning company charges a flat rate or by the hour. Reputable companies give clear quotations for every service they provide. If the company is evasive about the price that can either mean that it lacks experience or that it’s unscrupulous.

2. The company isn’t registered

Any legal business should be registered and under state laws. The absence of registration implies tax evasion. Another problem is that such a company isn’t held accountable in case of theft and damage to property. Instead, the homeowner is the one who gets the blame. That’s why you should always ask for proof registration that a legit company won’t hesitate to show you.

3. Cleaners don’t have the proper equipment

Another thing that you should be weary about is the lack of professional-grade cleaning tools. One of the ways to prepare for property management cleaning is to plan out a comprehensive cleaning. That’s why it’s important for the cleaners to have modern tools that will enable them to clean efficiently and thoroughly. If the company doesn’t have adequate equipment it probably means that it’s unwilling to invest in proper tools.

4. No contract is provided

Contracts are important because they provide protection for the client and the company and it stipulates the price and what’s included in the service. It should also specify the duration of the job and how it will be performed. If you want to protect yourself from shady cleaning companies you should ask the provider for a contract.

5. Cleaners are not insured and vetted

Checking if the cleaners have medical and accidental protection is one of the top priorities as accidents can always happen. This is especially important for cleaning your rental in winter because performing some tasks can be risky. 

Regardless of whether employees get injured at work or they aren’t properly protected from cleaning agents or cause damage to property, being bonded protects both them and homeowners. Another important factor is the proper screening process. Every homeowner wants to feel safe around cleaners, which is why they should be properly vetted.

cleaning services for property management pico rivera caWhich cleaning services for property management in Pico Rivera, CA, should I opt for? 

Rental property maintenance is demanding on several levels and it’s important to find a reliable cleaning company to do the job. If you need someone you can confide in, you can always count on Oasis Natural Cleaning to give you a helping hand. 

All of our specialists in rental property cleaning are vetted and bonded. We provide all-inclusive green cleaning services. Let your hair down and explore Pico Rivera while our seasoned pros make your rental sparkling. Book today!

5 Benefits of Hiring Property Management Cleaners

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Why should I hire professionals to clean my rentalAlthough you may think that rental maintenance is something that you can cope with on your own, there’s more to it than meets the eye. For example, if you want to facilitate property upkeep and boost your income, you should consider the numerous benefits of hiring professional property management cleaners.

These advantages are the reason why so many people choose specialists for cleaning for property management in Pico Rivera, CA. If you are still uncertain about the plus side of using the services of professional property management cleaners, stay tuned, as this article will provide you with an array of reasons. Read on!

Why should I hire professionals to clean my rental?

Engaging professional cleaners for rental maintenance has numerous advantages. Here are 5 of them:

1. Professional cleaners maintain the highest standards of cleanliness

While people who work in a building have different criteria for cleanliness, professional cleaners maintain the building beyond your tenants’ or customers’ highest expectations. One of the ways to prepare for property management cleaning is to devise a deep cleaning plan. Professional cleaners can help you develop such a plan and will also deal with every nook and cranny of your property.

2. Systematic cleaning saves money

Professional cleaners work quickly and without compromising on quality. They reduce wear and tear on the surfaces of the building and are familiar with the best methods for cleaning certain surfaces and materials and they can slow the deterioration of the components of a building. Specialists know how to remove the dirt, corrosive substances and bacteria from a surface. This is especially important for cleaning your rental property during winter.

3. Minimum interference with tenant’s business

Professional cleaners keep the property clean without getting in the way of tenants, their employees or clients. Hiring a specialist will help you ensure keeping your rental in an immaculate shape without interrupting the workflow or causing inconvenience to other people. That way you’ll maintain a high level of hygiene and enhance productivity.

4. Make the best first impression and improve turnover

First of all, hiring professional cleaners enables you to make a good first impression on prospective clients every time. Details like the neatness of common areas send a very important message about property managers. Just like not being registered is one of the red flags of bad property management cleaners, showing an untidy rental doesn’t exactly generate confidence.

Secondly, leaving maintenance in the capable hands of experts maximizes the time for renting. Professional cleaners can move in the same day that the rental becomes vacant and have the home ready for showing within 24 hours.

5. You can focus on what’s important 

Professionals don’t need to be supervised, which means that you’ll have more time to build your business. Your rental will become more professional and profitable, whereas you’ll be able to work on your skills and attract the kinds of landlords who will make you more successful as a  property manager. Instead of exhausting yourself with dusting and scrubbing, use your time more wisely. If you invest in professional cleaners, you invest in a bright future.

cleaning for property management pico rivera caWhere can I find reputable experts in cleaning for property management in Pico Rivera, CA?

Rental maintenance can be a breeze if you obtain professional assistance. If you want to minimize the vacancy time for your property, partner with Oasis Natural Cleaning. Our seasoned experts provide comprehensive cleaning services that will meet all your needs. 

Visit the Gage Mansion near Pico Rivera while we make your property as neat as a new pin. Call us today and make arrangements!

The Dos and Don’ts of Move Out/In Cleaning

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Relocation is pretty stressful whether you’re leaving your current home or settling in a new one. There are so many things that you probably don’t pay attention to while moving that make the whole process more difficult. That’s why you should know the essential dos and don’ts of move-in and move-out cleaning.

Of course, you can always bypass this nightmare like a lot of people in Pico Rivera, CA and use dependable move out and move in cleaning services. However, if you’re set on doing it on your own, this article outlines some useful tips for move-out and move-in maintenance.

What are the dos and don’ts of move-in/out cleaning?

You may think that you can’t go wrong as long as you tidy up, but there are some useful guidelines that can make move-in and move-out chores easier. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do:What are the dos and donts of move in out cleaning

Do: Keep your supplies near at hand

You should keep your products  and tools in a designated place, preferably in a box so that you wouldn’t waste precious time and energy on looking for them. This is a golden rule of housekeeping in general, so if you want to clean up your living room like a pro, you should apply the same principle.

Don’t: Leave your dishes behind 

Although this may seem like a good deed to you, your landlord and the future tenants of your soon-to-be-ex home may think otherwise. Whatever you leave may be treated as clutter and you don’t want to violate the terms of your lease. 

Do: Deep clean the kitchen

Kitchen is one of the top priorities when it comes to move-in and move-out housekeeping. Declutter the cupboards and wipe them inside-out. Clean the countertops, baseboards, and other smaller fixtures. The long history of cleaning and cleaners teaches us that it’s best to use natural homemade green agents to avoid leaving residue and that you should consider hiring a professional to assist you.

Don’t: Forget to clean appliances

Appliances are one of the first things that a landlord checks, so make sure that you wipe the microwave, clean the inside and the outside of the fridge, and deep clean the dishwasher. Don’t forget to unplug the appliances before you wipe them.

Do: Wash the walls

Walls may look clean, but in fact they are covered with pollen, smoke, dust and other particulate matter which accumulates over time. If washing walls is a drag you can play some music to make move-in or move-out cleaning more fun.

Don’t: Forget to deep clean the carpet, dust furniture and mop the floor

You should steam clean the carpet and vacuum it thoroughly. If there are any stains make sure to remove them. Wipe the furniture with a damp microfiber cloth. Avoid using a duster as it tends to scatter the dust particles around. Mop the floor and let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes.   

Do: Take pictures

Besides providing a sense of accomplishment, taking pictures gives you evidence of your hard work that may come in handy in the future. Some landlords might try to keep the security deposit for events that happen after you leave, so you need to have proof that your move-out cleanup was satisfactory.Which Pico Rivera move out and move in cleaning services should I opt for

Which Pico Rivera, CA move out and move in cleaning services should I opt for? 

If you need to relocate and you want to have a smooth move day, you should partner with Oasis Natural Cleaning. Our bonded masters of green practices provide comprehensive move in and move out deep clean services. 

Explore the San Gabriel Valley while our dedicated pros deal with every nook and cranny of your new or old home. Call us today and make an appointment!

The Long History of Cleaning & Cleaners

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People have been taking care of their homes since the dawn of civilization. History has seen many wealthy individuals outsourcing their household chores, leading to the development of the housekeeping industry. All the changes that took place from that point constitute the long and fascinating history of cleaning and cleaners.

Bearing in mind the benefits of leaving housework to experts, it’s no wonder that so many residents of Pico Rivera, CA use reliable maid services. This article provides insight into the long record of home maintenance and related occupations.

What is the history of cleaning?

In the past only the privileged few had assistance at home. As society evolved and the differences between the classes became less radical, the number of people capable of affording housekeeping services increased. Here is how some professions related to housekeeping emerged: What is the history of cleaning


Nowadays custodians are cleaners, sweepers, janitors or caretakers of a public institution. The word originates from the Latin word “custos” which means ‘’guardian.”  Later on it was used to refer to the Roman Catholic priest whose job was to take care of and maintain a church building. In the 18th century custodians became the people who cleared the mess and waste created in factories.

Floor cleaners

Floor cleaners serve to clean the floors in commercial and residential areas and can be used on a variety of floor surfaces including tiles, carpeting and wood. They also use special equipment like floor scrubbers and buffers. Electric powered floor scrubbers were introduced in the early 20th century and they revolutionized home maintenance.

Therefore, if you decide to change the place of residence and you need comprehensive upkeep, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional with equipment such as this to help you, as they’ll reduce the amount of stress and make move-in/out cleaning less boring.


The word housekeeper dates back to the 16th century. Its meaning “female head domestic servant of a house” implies that women housekeepers had considerable power in great homes in the 18th, 19th and early 20th century.

Nowadays housekeepers are equally important as they dust, vacuum, clean the kitchen and bathroom, change linens, etc. If you decide to relocate, one of the basic dos and don’ts of move-out/in cleaning is to hire a professional to help you.

Window cleaners 

Glass started being mass produced during the mid 19th century and the first windows were cleaned by maids and servants with water and a cloth. However, the demand for window cleaners started with the construction boom during the 1860s. Today window cleaners clean windows and other glass surfaces in offices and homes. If you want to clean your living room like a pro you need to master the art of window washing. Or better yet, hire a professional.

Commercial cleanersWhere in Pico Rivera can I find reliable maid services

Commercial cleaners are typically responsible for sanitizing spaces in retail centers and office buildings, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, emptying trash cans,etc. The history of commercial maid companies began in 1968 when a student at the University of Oklahoma, Jim Cavnaugh, began advertising janitorial services to clients in the vicinity that he would service at night after school.

Where in Pico Rivera, CA can I find reliable maid services? 

If you are tired of perpetual tidying up and you need a helping hand, you can count on Oasis Natural Cleaning to do the task. Our seasoned specialists provide an array of eco-friendly services that will cater to all your needs. 

Take a trip down the memory lane and visit Steamland Park while our diligent experts make your home spick-and-span. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

How To Make Move In/Out Cleaning More Fun

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How do you make move-inout cleaning less boringTidying up isn’t exactly fun under normal circumstances, let alone when you need to leave your soon-to-be-ex home or when you unpack your bags and settle in. Fortunately, there are ways to make move-in/out cleaning more entertaining.

However, relocation consumes a lot of time and energy, which is why more and more people in Pico Rivera, CA opt to schedule move in and move out cleaning services. This article offers some useful tips on how to make housekeeping less tedious when you move.

How do you make move-in/out cleaning less boring?

This may seem a bit far-fetched, but if you use a few clever tricks, you can actually make tidying fun. Here’s what you should do:

Make a playlist

Your playlist should above all consist of lively, upbeat music. Make sure to incorporate songs that motivate you and choose the ones that have a moderate beat. Since doing chores can be like cardio training and help you burn calories, the music shouldn’t be too slow or too fast because you’ll either lose motivation or won’t be able to keep the pace. If you are more into educational content, you can listen to a podcast or an audio book.

Set a timer

Every formidable task such as this one is less overwhelming if you divide it into smaller chunks. Set a timer for each chunk, but be realistic when estimating how much time you need for each chore. Make a short break after every time slot. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in such a seemingly short time span. You can use the same principle if you want to tidy up your living room like a pro, and not break sweat.

Involve the whole family

The long history of cleaning has taught us that household upkeep is not a one man show. That’s why you should make tidying up a team effort. Instead of imposing or assigning tasks to your family members, you can be a cool team leader and organize chores lottery. Write down all the housework that needs to be done on Post-its and let everyone draw a piece of paper. There’s no need to do it all by yourself. If you share a home, you should share the chores,too.

Make it a game

You can split into groups and compete to see who’s going to finish the task first and win a prize. If you’re single, you can pretend to be a guest at your home and pay attention to details that you would notice when you go to someone’s house, but normally overlook when you tidy up.

Another option is to imagine that you’re the landlord or real estate agent who needs to do a thorough check-up to see if everything is in proper condition. That’s one of the basic dos and don’ts of move-in/out cleaning.

Treat yourself

Don’t forget to indulge yourself and your family after a hard day’s work. Order your favorite food, sit back and relax, you’ve earned it. Better yet, treat yourself with professional help from move-in/out cleaners. Moving is stressful enough as is.

Where in Pico Rivera, CA can I find dependable move in and move out cleaning services?

Pico Rivera, CA move in and move out cleaning servicesMoving in or out doesn’t need to be an ordeal. If you need a reliable maid service to help you with home maintenance, then Oasis Natural Cleaning is the perfect choice. Our top specialists in green cleaning will whip your home into shape and let you focus on packing.

Visit Pío Pico State Historic Park while our dedicated pros make your new or old home squeaky clean. Book today!

How To Clean a Living Room Like a Pro

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How do professionals clean living roomsLiving room is the focal point of every household, which is why keeping it pristine is essential. This is easier said than done when you need to squeeze chores into your busy schedule. However, there’s a way to clean your living room like a pro and still have some free time left.

Since developing home maintenance skills is a process, it comes as no surprise that so many people prefer to use expert maid services in Pico Rivera, CA.This article outlines some useful tips for specialist living room maintenance!

How do professionals clean living rooms?

If you want to tidy up your living room like a pro here are the steps that you need to follow:


People normally spend a lot of time in their living room which is why it easily gets filled with things that don’t belong there. Take a garbage bag and gather all the papers, empty soda cans, food packaging and the like.

It would also be good to have a catch-all basket in which you can put items that are misplaced and a hamper for dirty clothes. You can put the objects from the catch-all basket in their place after you’re done tidying up.

Gather supplies

One of the essential dos and don’ts of move in/out cleaning and a golden rule of housework is putting all your supplies in one place. You can designate a place in your home for supplies and tools depending on the type of chore or the room that you use them for. This way you’ll have an uninterrupted working flow and keep your motivation high to finish what you have started, not to mention that this method is more time-effective.

Vacuum and wipe the dust

Since dust stirs up when you vacuum you should start with the carpet and proceed with furniture. Use a special brush for upholstery to avoid damaging the fabric. When dust settles, wipe it from top to bottom. Begin with the ceiling fan and vents and work your way down to the furniture. Take out all the books and knick-knacks from the bookshelves, wipe them with a damp cloth, let them dry for 10 to 15 minutes and return the items.

Dusting can be exhausting, especially if you’re settling in a new home or leaving your current residency. If you want to make move-in/out cleaning more fun, and housework in general, you can play some music or listen to an audio book while you tackle this tedious task.

Deal with reflective surfaces

If the long history of cleaning has taught us anything, it’s that dealing with glass surfaces can be very tricky. You can use an all-purpose cleaner for your windows and mirrors, or resort to some natural homemade remedies. Whichever option you choose, you should wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving streaks and lint on it.

Mop the floor

Although you have removed most of the dust with vacuuming and wiping, there is always some of it left on the floor. Mop the hard floor and the surfaces under the sofa, armchair, and table to remove the dust bunnies.

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