Deep Cleaning Your Bedroom: 3 Things You Should Know

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How do I deep clean my bedroomYour bedroom is a place for rest, sleep, and relaxation, and you should treat it with plenty of love and care. That includes regular cleaning, as this can have a great impact on your sleep quality. When it comes to house cleaning in Hacienda Heights, CA, maids can be helpful in making your bedroom a relaxing and comfortable space.

Cleaning the place where you begin and end your day might be demanding, as sleeping in unhealthy conditions can lead to a series of diseases. In this article we will cover the basic things everyone should know when deep cleaning their bedroom. With good organization and a cleaning schedule, you’ll do it in no time!

How do I deep clean my bedroom?

The first thing to ask yourself when you want to start a deep clean is: When was the last time you cleaned behind the bed? If the answer was months ago, you should prepare for a significant amount of dust. You should always clean your bedroom more often than other rooms in the house, and you should pay special attention to the area around the bed.

1. The mattress is dirtier than you think

Of course, the old one in your garage is probably filthier, but the mattress you sleep on has all your dead skin cells you’ve shed over the weeks or even months. If you don’t have the conditions to air it out or put it outside in the sun, at least turn it around and vacuum both sides.

You should turn your mattress every two weeks to prevent bed bugs infestation and the sagging on one side. Even if you don’t have a balcony, opening the window and letting the light shine on your naked mattress is sometimes enough to refresh it.

2. Cluttered bedroom affects sleep quality

Among many other things, having a lot of clutter in your bedroom makes the space feel smaller and the air heavier. The minimalists have it easy because they usually have only a bed and a chest of drawers in their bedrooms, so the air is light and fresh. A bedroom should not be a garage filled with unnecessary things.

If your room is packed with clothes all over the chairs or on the floor, you will feel claustrophobic. Instead of doing it only when you deep clean, try and make it a habit to put away all the clothes when you’re finishing up for the day. You don’t have to fold them, although it’s preferable. Just clear the space enough so that the room, and you, can properly breathe.

3. Your closet is as dusty as the area behind your bed

When deep cleaning a bedroom, you can also take care of the closet. Aside from decluttering and repacking your clothes, it’s a good idea to do a quick wipedown of your closet, on all sides, the top and underneath it. Place all your clothes on a linen sheet on your bed and put them back in the closet once it’s clean. You can also go an extra mile and put in a lovely little bag of lavender.

What should you clean first in a bedroom?

The simple answer to this would be: the bed. And the precise one: everything around the bed. Strip down the sheets, air out your pillows, comforter and blankets and refresh your mattress. Afterwards, clean the ceiling light, the bed frame, the end tables and under your bed.

Doing it this way gets the biggest task off of your cleaning list and everything after that is easier. Plus, when your bed is made, you can temporarily place things on it while you’re cleaning, so that comes in handy!

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