3 Tips for Creating a Monthly Cleaning Schedule

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What cleaning should be done monthly

It can often feel like there’s an endless amount of housework to do, whether it’s laundry, dusting, or the surfaces that keep getting dirty. Hiring a maid service is a life-saving decision many people make in Hacienda Heights, CA. Not only will you feel relieved because you don’t have to think about tidying, but you can also rest assured that your home will always be healthy and clean.

However, sometimes you just want to tackle the cleaning and decluttering on your own. Having a clear space equals a clear mind and regular cleaning is the perfect habit to adopt that will foster your sense of accomplishment and zen. In order to make this habit work, you could make a schedule and stick to it.

How do I create a monthly cleaning schedule?

The first thing to do when making a cleaning schedule is to assess the size of your living space. If you live in an apartment, it will take you much less time to tidy it, compared to cleaning a house with a garage. If you’ve tried many different systems and none of them seem to work, you’ll have to make your own system, unique to your own home and requirements .

1. Check every room for must-clean places

No matter how often you clean a certain room, there’s always something you might miss or don’t have the time or energy when you get to it. That’s completely normal because we tend to prioritize cleaning the things and places that we use on a daily or weekly basis. Write down all the chores and categorize them by room.

Also, if you’d like to clean an area more often, highlight it or write it in a separate list for a weekly or semi-weekly cleaning. For example, people change their bedsheets on average every 24 days, but for health reasons, it should be done weekly. Bedrooms should be cleaned more often in general, as they are the place where you recharge and relax.

2. Prioritize high traffic rooms

The rooms where you spend plenty of time and the hallways should be cleaned on a daily basis because they’re constantly the center of the action. By creating a simple evening wipedown routine, you can easily be on top of things when it comes to cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, and the hallways.

Of course, if you haven’t used something that day, for example, the oven, you don’t have to clean it daily. Just make it a habit to clean everything as soon as you’re done using it. Have a cloth and a multi-purpose cleaner handy to make it easier for yourself.

3. Visit the neglected rooms

Every home has them. The attic is rarely used and the basement can become dirty so easily because of all the dust falling towards it. In order to keep your home healthy, make sure to check these two rooms for any built-up moisture or potential health hazards. Maintenance is key, and regular cleaning just makes it easier.

What cleaning should be done monthly?

There are a lot of places that should be cleaned monthly. We look at them every day and don’t even realize how dirty they are. Every month, designate a day or two and pay attention to these parts:

  • Curtains and blinds
  • Ceiling lights, fans, and fixtures
  • Deep cleaning the appliances
  • Changing the filters on your dryer or air conditioning unit

This doesn’t take too much time, but it makes a huge difference to the life quality in your home. Fresh curtains will give every room a nice smell, the rooms will be brighter when the lights are dust-free. Appliances will work more efficiently when they’re clean and changing the filters ensures that the appliance will not malfunction.

How do I create a monthly cleaning scheduleWhere can I find a professional maid service in Hacienda Heights, CA?

Being on top of all of these things can sometimes seem like too much work, and that’s completely understandable. That’s why we’re at your disposal! Here at Oasis Natural Cleaning, the maids we work with have effective cleaning schedules for every type of home and would be delighted to visit you in Hacienda Heights! Take a day off, enjoy a walk near the Turnbull Canyon and leave the cleaning to us!

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