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A Disinfection Checklist for a Germ-Free Home

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disinfect service la habra caDisinfection has always been crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment, but recent times have heightened our awareness of the importance of a germ-free home.

Creating a clean, sanitary space isn’t about chasing an unrealistic ideal of perfection, it’s about taking thoughtful, consistent steps to protect the health of our loved ones.

Whether you do this by yourself or hire a disinfect service in La Habra, CA, it’s important to educate yourself on how it’s done. This blog post provides a comprehensive disinfection checklist to help you ensure a germ-free environment in your home. Read More

Top Disinfectants for Different Surfaces in Your Home

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How to disinfect kitchen countertopsKeeping our living spaces clean is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy home environment, especially in today’s context when cleanliness is more important than ever. But it’s not always straightforward because different surfaces require unique approaches.

In La Habra, CA, most homeowners leave this task to a disinfect service. Whether you leave this to the pros or do it yourself, you should know how to use the top disinfectants for various surfaces in your home. Armed with this information, you can ensure a clean and sanitary space for you and your loved ones.

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Top 7 Ways to Declutter Your Home

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Top 7 Ways to Declutter Your HomeThe benefits of a decluttered home go far beyond aesthetics. A clean, organized space reduces stress, boosts productivity, and can even contribute to better physical health. The task of decluttering can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve accumulated a lot of possessions over time. However, there is no reason why decluttering your home should turn into a daunting task.

By breaking it down into manageable steps, you can transform your home into a place of sanitation and order. If you want to do a professional job like an expert cleaning service provider in La Mirada, CA, the key is to be consistent, patient with yourself, and remember – your goal is progress, not perfection. Let’s start decluttering!

Where do I start to declutter my home?

Starting the decluttering process can often be the hardest part. It’s best to begin with the easiest area or the area that will have the most impact. For some, this might be the kitchen—often the heart of the home. For others, it could be the living room where you spend most of your time. Alternatively, you might find it easier to start with a smaller, less daunting space like a single drawer or closet. Remember, there’s no ‘right’ place to start. 

The goal is to choose a feasible task that gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to tackle the next area. As you move through each space, use these decluttering strategies to sort, organize, and clean. Before you know it, you’ll see a significant transformation in your home. 

Here are the top seven ways to declutter your home, helping you create a more serene, ordered living environment.

Start small

When you first start decluttering, it’s best not to tackle the entire house at once. Begin with a small space like a drawer, a shelf, or a corner of a room. You’ll feel a sense of achievement, which will motivate you to continue with larger areas.

Follow the “One In, One Out” rule

To prevent clutter from accumulating, adopt the “one in, one out” rule. This means that for every new item you bring into your home, you should get rid of an old one to avoid piling up the stuff you don’t need.

Use the 12-month rule

If you haven’t used an item in the last year and it doesn’t hold significant sentimental or monetary value, it’s probably time to let it go. This rule is particularly useful when sorting through clothes, kitchen utensils, and other household items.

Utilize the four-box method

This method requires four boxes per room, each labeled: “Trash,” “Give Away/Sell,” “Storage,” and “Put Away.” As you go through each item in the room, decide which box it fits into and don’t skip any items. This system ensures that you make the right decision about every single item.

Digitize when possible

If your home is cluttered with documents, photos, or CDs, consider digitizing. There are multiple services available for digitizing photographs, documents, and media, and this can free up a considerable amount of physical space.

Optimize your storage

Make the most of the storage space you have. This could mean adding shelves, using under-bed storage, or employing multi-functional furniture. Keep your belongings organized within your storage spaces so you can easily find what you need.

Make a maintenance plan

Once your home is decluttered, keep it that way. Set aside a few minutes each day for maintenance. This could be as simple as quickly assessing a room each day, putting away items that are out of place, or doing a quick dust and vacuum job.

Who should be my choice of dependable cleaning service in La Mirada, CA?

Where do I start to declutter my home?Whether you need someone to declutter your mess, tidy up your home, or provide deep cleaning service, Oasis Natural Cleaning is the best place to ask. We excel in all types of sprucing up so feel free to contact us and we’ll offer our expertise to:

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How to Safely Clean Your Kid’s Toys

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How do you disinfect toys?Children’s toys are an undeniable hotspot for germs and bacteria. In a world where home cleanliness has taken on an even greater significance, it’s crucial to know how to properly take care of your child’s playthings like a disinfecting service specialist in La Mirada, CA. Not only can this help protect your child from harmful germs, but it also ensures the longevity of the toys themselves. However, with a myriad of materials and types of play aids, it may seem challenging to know where to start. Here’s a simple but comprehensive guide on how to disinfect children’s toys effectively and safely.

How do you disinfect toys?

Regular toy cleaning and disinfection are crucial in maintaining a hygienic play environment for your child. The cleaning methods may vary, but the end goal is the same: creating a safe, clean, and fun space for your children to learn, explore, and grow. Now let’s get to work!

Solid plastic toys

These are often the easiest to clean. Simply fill a sink or bucket with warm soapy water and gently scrub the toys using a cloth or soft brush. Rinse them thoroughly and let them air dry. To disinfect, you can wipe them down with a cloth soaked in a solution of 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 quart of water, or use a disinfecting wipe. Always allow the toys to air dry after disinfecting to let the solution do its job.

Stuffed animals and soft toys

Most soft toys can be cleaned in your washing machine. Check the toy’s care label first to ensure it’s machine washable. Use a gentle cycle with warm water and mild detergent, then tumble dry on low heat or air dry. For those not suitable for machine washing, spot clean with a cloth dampened with soapy water, rinse, then air dry.

Battery-operated or electronic toys

Water and electronics don’t mix, so these toys require a different approach. Begin by removing batteries if possible, then clean the exterior with a cloth dampened in soapy water. For disinfection, use a disinfecting wipe or a cloth lightly sprayed with a bleach solution (follow the same concentration mentioned above). Remember to avoid any openings or battery compartments.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys should not be soaked as it can warp the wood or damage the finish. Instead, wipe them with a cloth dipped in soapy water. Rinse with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Disinfecting wooden playthings can be tricky as bleach can cause discoloring. Instead, consider using a vinegar solution (1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water) as a safer alternative.

Bath toys

Bath toys need special attention due to their damp environment, which can encourage mold growth. Squeeze out as much water as possible after each rinse, and allow them to air dry. Regularly clean bath toys in a solution of 1 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water to disinfect and prevent mold.

Safety guidelines for disinfecting toys

  • Always rinse toys thoroughly after disinfecting to remove any residue.
  • Let the toys air dry completely before handing them back to your child.
  • Keep toys out of your child’s reach during the cleaning and disinfection process.
  • Regular cleaning is generally enough. Disinfection is necessary when a family member is sick, the toy is visibly dirty, or the toy has been shared with children outside your household.

Where can I find reliable disinfecting service in La Mirada, CA?

How to Safely Clean Your Kid's Toys?

Whether you want someone to provide useful tips on expert window wiping, offer assistance with kitchen deep cleanups, or you just need pointers on how to declutter your abode, Oasis Natural Cleaning is the premium team of spiffing up specialists that can accomplish all this and so much more!

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Deep Clean Your Kitchen in 10 Easy Steps

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How do you deep clean a kitchen step by stepA thorough disinfection of your kitchen is essential for maintaining a hygienic and organized space where you prepare meals and spend time with family and friends. However, the thought of deep cleaning the entire space can be overwhelming. 

The good news is that with a trusted cleaning and disinfecting service in La Mirada, CA, you can have a spotless home and time for yourself and your family. However, being familiar with a systematic approach and a few easy steps has benefits of its own. In today’s article, we’ll outline the easy steps to deep clean your kitchen, ensuring that every nook and cranny is thoroughly disinfected, leaving you with a fresh and inviting culinary haven.

How do you deep clean a kitchen step by step?

This venture requires a systematic approach and attention to detail. Follow these instructions for a sparkling and hygienic space:

Step 1: Declutter and organize

Begin by decluttering your space. Remove items from countertops, cabinets, and drawers, and organize them into categories. Discard expired food, donate unused items, and find designated places for everything. This step will not only make the process easier but also create a more organized and functional kitchen.

Step 2: Dust and wipe surfaces

Using a microfiber cloth or duster, remove dust from all surfaces, including countertops, shelves, cabinets, and light fixtures. Pay attention to hard-to-reach areas like the top of cabinets and the space behind appliances. Wipe down surfaces with a mild solution suitable for the specific material to remove grease and grime.

Step 3: Take care of appliances

Remove all food from the refrigerator and freezer, and disinfect the interior with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent. Wipe down the exteriors, including stovetop, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and toaster, using appropriate products for each. Don’t forget to tackle the inside of the microwave, oven, and dishwasher.

Step 4: Scrub the sink

Give your sink a thorough scrub. Start by removing any dishes and utensils. Sprinkle baking soda or a non-abrasive product in the sink and scrub with a sponge or brush. Pay attention to the faucet, handles, and drain. Rinse the sink thoroughly and wipe it dry to prevent water spots.

Step 5: Wipe down the cabinets and drawers

Empty the contents of your cabinets and drawers, and wipe them down with a damp cloth and mild solution. Pay special attention to sticky spots, spills, and stains. Use a toothbrush or small brush to tend to crevices and hardware. Allow the cabinets and drawers to dry before returning the items.

Step 6: Tackle the stovetop and oven

Tackle the stovetop by removing grates, burners, and knobs. Soak them in warm, soapy water and scrub off any residue. Wipe down the stovetop surface with a suitable solution. For the oven, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the interior. Remove oven racks and wash them separately. Wipe down the exterior of the oven and knobs.

Step 7: Scrub backsplash and tiles

Use a mild solution and a sponge or cloth to scrub the backsplash and tiles. Pay attention to grout lines, as they can accumulate dirt and grime. A toothbrush can be helpful for dealing with hard-to-reach areas. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry.

Step 8: Wash windows and window treatments

Wash windows using a vinegar solution and a lint-free cloth. Pay attention to corners and edges. Dust or vacuum window treatments, such as blinds or curtains, or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 9: Focus on the floors

Vacuum or sweep the kitchen floor to remove loose debris. Then mop with your favorite floor disinfectant, depending on the type of flooring you have. Pay attention to corners and edges, and allow to dry completely.

Step 10: Final touches

Put everything back in its designated place, ensuring that cabinets and drawers are organized. Add finishing touches like fresh flowers or scented candles to enhance the overall ambiance of your clean and fresh kitchen.

Where can I find a dependable cleaning and disinfecting service in La Mirada, CA?cleaning disinfecting la mirada ca

When you want to properly disinfect your children’s toys or you’re looking for the best way to take care of your home, experts from Oasis Natural Cleaning have all the answers to your questions. We boast a team of highly trained and experienced specialists who use proven methods and first-rate supplies to ensure your home sparkles. Whether you live near Biola University or another nearby neighborhood, all you need to do is give us a call today! 

Top Tips to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro

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How do I get streak free windowsWashing your windows can be a daunting task, but with the right techniques and tools, you can achieve sparkling, streak-free results like a professional. When you properly take care of them, they not only enhance the overall appearance of your home but also allow more natural light to enter, creating a brighter and inviting atmosphere. 

While a reliable cleaning and sanitizing service in La Mirada, CA can efficiently tackle this for you, having a couple of pro tips at hand is always useful. In this guide, we’ll explore top tips and tricks to help you clean your windows like a pro

How do I get streak free windows?

From selecting the right solutions and tools to using proper techniques, these expert strategies will enable you to achieve pristine windows that will impress even the most discerning eye:

Gather the necessary tools 

Start by gathering all the tools you’ll need for the task. These typically include a squeegee, microfiber or lint-free cloth, a bucket, window solution, and a scrubber or sponge.

Select the right solution

Avoid using regular household products that are ammonia-based as they can leave streaks or residue. Opt for a professional window solution or create your own by mixing equal parts water and white vinegar or water and mild dish soap. Alternatively, there are commercial sprays available that are specifically formulated for streak-free results.

Choose a cloudy day

Washing your windows on a sunny day can cause the solution to dry quickly, leading to streaks. It’s best to choose a cloudy or overcast day to ensure that the product has enough time to work before drying.

Start with dry cleaning

Before applying the solution, remove any loose dirt, dust, or cobwebs from the window surface. Use a dry microfiber cloth or a brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to gently remove debris.

Apply the solution

Dip your scrubber or sponge into the solution and squeeze out any excess liquid. Start from the top and work your way down, applying it to the entire window surface. Be thorough but avoid excessive soaking, as too much liquid can lead to streaks.

Use the squeegee

The squeegee is a key tool for achieving streak-free windows. Starting from the top corner, pull it across the window in a straight, horizontal motion, overlapping each stroke slightly. Wipe the blade with a clean, lint-free cloth after each pass to remove excess water.

Wipe away excess moisture

After using the squeegee, wipe any remaining moisture from the edges and corners of the window using a clean microfiber or lint-free cloth. This will help prevent water from dripping down and causing streaks.

Tackle stubborn spots

If you encounter stubborn stains or marks, apply a small amount of your solution directly to the spot and gently scrub with a soft brush or sponge. Rinse the area with clean water and squeegee as usual.

Pay attention to the window frame

Don’t forget to take care of the window frames and tracks. Use a damp cloth or sponge with the solution to wipe away dirt and grime. Dry the frames thoroughly to prevent streaks or water damage.

Double-check for streaks

After completing the entire process, inspect the windows from different angles and lighting conditions to ensure there are no streaks or residue. If you notice any streaks, use a clean, dry cloth to buff them away gently.

Who provides comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing service in La Mirada, CA?

cleaning sanitizing service la mirada ca

When your kitchen needs a thorough clean up, you need a safe way to take care of your kid’s toys, or you just want an efficient way to declutter your space, feel free to reach out to Oasis Natural Cleaning. Our experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with outstanding results that ensure your utmost satisfaction. Whether your home is in La Mirada or in another nearby area, we’ll be there to help. Call today! 

6 Tips for Cleaning Your Rental Property During Winter

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How do I clean my rental in the winterKeeping your rental property as neat as a button is essential if you want to garner positive reviews and attract the right sort of renter. However, property maintenance can be a bit more demanding in some periods of the year, which is why you should learn some useful tips for rental property cleaning during winter.

As this is a formidable task, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many people tend to use a professional property management cleaning service in Pico Rivera, CA. This article outlines a straightforward strategy for efficient rental property cleaning in winter. Read on!

How do I clean my rental in the winter?

Here are 6 important things to look out for and do when cleaning your rental property during winter:

1. Look for cracks in the walls

Looking for cracks is one of the higher priorities on a landlord’s inspection list. The areas that are the most likely to become damaged are the edges around windows and doors as well as exterior walls. 

You should repair caulking or sealant if necessary, as openings in the structure can cause water to get in and freeze, causing cracks and the formation of mold which is one of the most dangerous indoor air pollutants. You should also consider exterior wall insulation to keep the heating costs down and moisture out.

2. Clean gutters and inspect the roof

You need to clean the gutters thoroughly to ensure that they function properly during the wet winter season. Check the roof for leaks before the rain and snow begin. You should repair the roof if there are loose or missing shingles. It’s advisable to call a licensed professional cleaner as performing this task can be tricky. Make sure that the cleaner is vetted and bonded, as the absence of this is one of the signs of bad property management cleaners.

3. Clean the chimney

If your property has a fireplace, you should inspect and clean the chimney and vents at least once a year. This is a great way to prepare for a property management cleaning, as it will reduce the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Check the plumbing fixtures

Frozen pipes can cause some serious damage if they burst when the temperature drops. Call the plumber to check if there are any cracks and if anything needs to be replaced. You should insulate them with foam or wrap them if they’re not insulated. Don’t forget to detach garden hoses and cover outdoor spigots.

5. Monitor the heat temperature

Even if the rental is vacant you should keep the temperature at a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. Monitor if the temperature drops lower than this and make the necessary adjustments.

6. Prune trees and shrubs

Check your property for any vegetation that needs a trim and see if there are signs of dead or damaged limbs because heavy snow and ice on branches can weigh them down and cause breakages that can harm residents, damage the property or create obstacles.

It would be good to let the professionals do this as this is one of the advantages of hiring property management cleaners. Don’t forget to give the grass one final cut before the first big freeze. 

Which property management cleaning service in Pico Rivera, CA should I opt for? 

property management cleaning service pico rivera caIf you need help with preparing your rental property for winter there’s no need to despair as  Oasis Natural Cleaning will gladly come to the rescue. Our bonded experts provide comprehensive cleaning services and can tend to all your needs.

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4 Ways to Prepare for Property Management Cleaning

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How do I prepare my rental property for cleaningPreparing a rental property for cleaning is very important. If your real estate is spotless, you can enhance its appeal and subsequently increase your profit and draw the right kind of customer. Luckily, there is an efficient method of property management cleaning preparation.

Since property management is a formidable task, a lot of people resort to hiring the experts in property management cleaning in Pico Rivera, CA, to help them. This article lays out 4 useful tips for getting ready for a property management cleaning. Read on.

How do I prepare my rental property for cleaning?

If you want to prepare your rental property for cleaning you need to follow these 4 simple tips:

Tip #1: Check the state of the property

After the tenants have removed all their belongings, you should check if there are any damages to the property and fix them or ask your tenant to do so depending on the terms of the lease. Another thing that you should inspect is whether the tenant has removed all the trash. It’s advisable to empty and clean out trash cans, and remove dead pests and pet odors. Seal the cracks in walls, if any, and replace all damaged or broken window coverings.

Tip #2: Make a deep cleaning plan

One of the benefits of hiring property management cleaners is that they’ll ensure that your property is spotless. You should clean walls, windows, and door channels and frames thoroughly. Vacuum and shampoo the carpets and sweep, and clean and wash the floor according to manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t forget to wipe the baseboards, and to avoid using bleach or ammonia based cleaners.

Clean the stove hood, oven, and sink, wash and sanitize the fridge and kitchen appliances. Make sure to unplug electrical devices before cleaning. Scrub and disinfect the entire bathroom including the top of the toilet tank, tiles, cabinets and mirrors. You can use a white vinegar solution for the removal of calcium deposits. 

Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans and clean the vents and replace filters. Wash the closets inside and out, dry clean drapes and clean the blinds. Deal with hard touched surfaces like door knobs and switches.

Tip #3: Check the chimney and the waste management system

One of the tips for cleaning your rental property during winter is to clean the fireplace, hearth and mantle. Remove all the ashes and debris and check the vents. Another important item on the list is the garbage disposal. Check if it’s in proper working order and free of garbage. Clean and sanitize garbage chutes to avoid health risks and prevent problems or inefficiency in waste collection. Make sure that the plumbing is free from blockages.

Tip #4: Hire a professional

Since rental property cleaning can be quite a challenge, there’s no need to waste your precious time and energy by doing it on your own. That’s why you should use the services of a reliable cleaning company.

One of the red flags of bad property management cleaners is the lack of employees’ insurance. Professional cleaners should be both bonded and vetted as accidents can happen and the company should have an adequate screening process for its cleaners.

Which companies are proficient in property management cleaning in Pico Rivera, CA? 

property management cleaning pico rivera caIf you want to whip your property into an immaculate shape, you need to look no further than Oasis Natural Cleaning. Our vetted pros provide an array of services from deep cleaning and pressure washing to hard floor waxing and stripping and carpet cleaning.

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5 Cleaning Tips for New Parents

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How do you keep your house clean with a babyBabies introduce a world of joy to any household. However, preparing your home for the baby’s arrival and regular upkeep are extremely demanding. Parents have a lot on their plates and need to make an efficient strategy to keep the house clean with a newborn.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that so many new parents use reputable house cleaning services in Montebello. This article will provide you with advice on how to make your home ready and keep it orderly with a baby. 

What should I clean in the house before the baby comes?

Since babies have a fragile immune system, the house needs to be clean at all times. You should vacuum thoroughly and steam clean the carpets. Everything should be dusted and disinfected. You should keep the kitchen squeaky clean as this is the place where you’ll prepare bottles, breast milk, and formula. Declutter, keep the nursery sparkling and wash all the linens. 

How do you keep your house clean with a baby?

This may seem like an impossible mission but there is a way to have a spotless home with a newborn.

  1. Multi-task

When you are a new parent you hardly have any free time. In order to make the best of it, you should do several things simultaneously. You can fold the laundry while you watch over your baby or load the washing machine and talk on the phone. Baby monitors are quite handy for multitasking because you can keep an eye on your child while you do the chores. 

2. Make a cleaning schedule

Devising a plan will help you organize better and keep track of what you need to do around the house. Complete the tasks in bulks and set a day for a specific room. Clean the bathroom on Mondays, bedroom on Tuesdays, etc. You should also include a few days for catching up with the chores that you didn’t manage to do on workdays. Pet owners should plan some extra time for vacuuming in order to keep the house hygienic with their furry friends

3. Have a designated place for every item

This will help you deal with clutter systematically. Set a place for everything and let your family members know where each item should be put. You can obtain a catch-all basket and put the things that are out of place in it. Go through the basket at the end of the day and put the things in their designated place.    

4. Prepare freezer meals

Set one day of the week for cooking to prepare easy meals for the whole week. Make a larger quantity of two or three dishes and divide it daily portions. This will save a lot of your precious time and energy and you’ll be able to focus on taking care of your baby.   

5. Involve the whole family

Looking after a newborn is exhausting, which is why you should share the workload with your partner and other family members. You can delegate tidying up the kid’s room to the older child and include it in looking after the baby. That way you’ll be able to spend more time with your older child, you’ll eliminate the potential jealousy and create a strong bond between the siblings.  

What should I clean in the house before the baby comesWhich house cleaning services in Montebello are dependable?

If you want to keep your home as neat as a button, you can count on Oasis Natural Cleaning for help. Our experts in green cleaning will clear up your home from top to bottom and you won’t have to worry about the harmful residue.

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5 Tips for Cleaning When You Have Pets

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Is it possible to have a clean house with petsHaving pets may be delightful, but cleaning after them isn’t  an easy job. Home maintenance takes a lot of time and you need to do chores more often. So, how can you provide efficient upkeep with pets?

Since this can be quite a challenge, a lot of people rely on Montebello, CA house cleaning companies to assist them. This article outlines some useful tips on how to keep your house sparkling with your furry friends without calling on the pros.

Is it possible to have a clean house with pets?

Although housework pet owners need to do seems to be a vicious circle, there is an efficient strategy for keeping your home tidy. Here are some useful tricks!

1. Keep your pets clean

If you bathe your furry friends regularly, you’ll reduce t time that you spend scrubbing. Dog owners should wipe their pet’s paws before they get inside the house to avoid scattering the dirt since dogs like to dig and run around. Regular grooming is also very important and helps ward off the excessive hair. A deshedding brush should do the trick, and as for removing the hair from your clothes, you can use a lint roller.

2. Obtain a good vacuum cleaner

If you want to vacuum the house thoroughly, you’ll need a powerful vacuum cleaner with strong suction. Adequate accessories are also important as hair gets everywhere and you’ll need to clean some areas that are hard to reach. It’s advisable to get a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters, especially if you are a new parent. HEPA filters remove dust, pollen, mold and microbes and they are perfect for cleaning a home with a newborn.

3. Obtain efficient cleansers

Similar to regular kitchen maintenance, you’ll need efficient cleaning agents. One of the biggest problems that pet owners have are urine stains. Vinegar is a great natural remedy for dealing with stubborn stains. Mix ½ of white vinegar with ½ of water, rub the solution onto the stain with a sponge and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to kick in. Wipe the stain with a clean, dry towel.

When it comes to removing hair from furniture, latex gloves are a perfect solution. If you run your hand over upholstery with damp gloves, the hair will stick to them. Rinse off the glove when it’s covered and repeat the process if necessary.  

4. Use protective cover

Putting covering on furniture will help you save a lot of time and energy that you would normally spend on vacuuming and scrubbing. If your child won’t go to sleep without your beloved pet, this trick will facilitate keeping your kid’s room neat at all times. You won’t have to worry about shedding and removing urine stains.

5. Clean the bedding regularly

If you clean your pet’s bedding frequently, you’ll protect your pet from illnesses and free your home from unpleasant smells. This goes for cages, tanks and vivarium, too. Some animals are more sensitive and prone to infections, which is why their home should be sanitary. 

How often should you clean your house with pets?

This depends on the kind of a pet that you have. Dog and cat owners should vacuum two to three times a week and mop the floor every day. As for washing the bedding, you should do it at least once a month, or more often if it gets dirty.

How often should you clean your house with petsWhich Montebello, CA house cleaning company should I opt for?

If you need help with keeping your home spick-and-span at all times, then Oasis Natural Cleaning is the right choice. Our seasoned pros provide comprehensive deep cleaning services and use eco-friendly products which are safe for your furry friends.

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