How to Keep Your Kids’ Rooms Tidy at All Times

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How should I clean my kids’ roomOnce the kids become old enough to start school, they can also take up the chore of keeping their room clean. However, while they’re little, you want them to have a healthy and tidy space where they can sleep and play. In order to ensure that, some people in Montebello turn to maid services for help.

While that is the best solution for always having a neat kids’ room, sometimes all you need are a few cleaning hacks to help you prolong the cleanliness. We’ve prepared a list of 4 tips that can help you keep your children’s room in its best condition for as long as possible, so read on!

How should I clean my kids’ room?

It’s not a secret that a child’s room can become as dirty as a kitchen. When you clean it frequently, you have more control over the mess. The best thing to do is to assign a different task for every day, so you’ll have less work to do when the actual cleaning day comes. 

Here are 4 things you can do to keep your kids’ rooms tidy at all times:

1. Assign a place for each item

Any room can get cluttered quickly if items are just left all over the place. However, if you create a few storage spaces for each type of object, it will be easier for you to put everything back because you won’t have to spend time thinking about it.

For example, all the toys should go in one box, and all the drawing books in the drawers. You can decorate a few cups and put all the crayons and colored pencils there. As for the larger toys, or board games, they can go on the shelves, along with books. Not only does this minimize the mess, but it also helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

2. Tidy up every evening

While your kids are having dinner, or are getting ready for bed, you can spend a few minutes and put everything back. That way, they’ll go to sleep in a tidy room and you won’t have to worry about stepping on something when you check on them during the night. This is extremely helpful if you’ve recently had a baby and want to give them a healthy place to sleep in.

3. Teach them to make their bed every morning

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but when the kids learn to make their bed first thing in the morning, it sets them up for success throughout the day. Not only that, but the rooms will automatically feel cleaner and tidier. And if your pets like to spend time with your kids, they can also relax on the bed and play with them.

4. Turn the chores into a fun game

Some people find tidying a tedious chore, and children are no exception. When they’re young, they want to have fun all the time, but who says that cleaning can’t be fun? You can assign them easy tasks that they can accomplish, like putting all the toys back or folding their clothes, and reward them for a job well done.

If they know that their hard work will pay off, they’ll be eager to help you and, at the same time, develop healthy habits that will be useful throughout their life. 

Do you live in Montebello and are looking for reliable maid servicesDo you live in Montebello and are looking for reliable maid services?

While it may seem easy to keep the kids’ rooms tidy, sometimes you simply don’t have the energy to do it. If that’s the case, then Oasis Natural Cleaning is the perfect choice for you! We work with maids in Montebello and surrounding areas, so you’re one phone call away from exceptional service. Have a relaxing day off with your loved ones and leave the cleaning to us. Contact us today!

How To Clean a Kitchen in 6 Quick Steps

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Hire one of the best maid services in MontebelloHaving a tidy kitchen is a full-time job if you want to keep it in its best condition. With the help of maid services in Montebello, you’d have one less thing to worry about, as they’ll keep your kitchen perfectly spotless at all times.

However, for those of you who want to learn how to clean a kitchen quickly and efficiently, we’ve prepared 6 simple steps that can help you achieve that in no time. Read on!

What is the best way to clean your kitchen?

If you’re expecting a baby, you know you won’t have as much time to clean, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn the right skills. Here are the 6 steps you should take when cleaning the kitchen:

1. Clear the counters

You should always start by putting things back in their place. If you have some groceries on your counters, sort them in your pantry and fridge. If there are decorative bowls of fruit or small appliances, temporarily put them somewhere else while you clean. Having a clear space will make you faster, as you won’t have to move everything around to wipe the surfaces.

2. Wash the dishes and the sink

This can be added as a first step as well since dishes can pile up in the sink and prolong the entire process. You’ll likely need to use the sink to wash rags and sponges during your cleanup, so it’s best when the dishes are not in the way. Seeing an empty sink already feels like an accomplishment, so you’ll be more motivated to clean.

3. Wipe the exterior of the appliances

It’s not always necessary to deep-clean your oven or scrub the interior of the microwave. If you’re easily tempted to do that during your weekly cleanup, set aside a day where you’ll focus on one appliance at a time. Wiping the exterior with the mixture of dish soap and water will make your kitchen look neat and tidy and stop the bacteria from forming on the surface.

4. Declutter the fridge

When you’re constantly bringing food into your kitchen, it can happen that you forget that you already have some in the fridge. And while that’s completely normal, you should take a deeper look inside your fridge and discard anything that’s near or past its expiration date.

5. Wipe the countertops

Since it’s where you prepare food, you should wipe the countertops on a daily basis. However, if you’re busy, it’s completely understandable that you don’t always have the time to do it. Once you do, make sure to thoroughly wipe them since your pets might be jumping on them as well.

6. Sweep and mop the floors

All of the food debris that falls on the floor can easily be picked up at the end of your cleaning session. Fire up the vacuum and run it throughout the entire house, paying special attention to the kids’ rooms. When you’re done, a quick mop will freshen up the space and your kitchen will truly shine.

What is the best way to clean your kitchenDo you need help with cleaning your kitchen? Hire one of the best maid services in Montebello!

It’s not an easy job to keep your kitchen in top-notch condition at all times. But don’t worry, Oasis Natural Cleaning is here to help! We work with expert maids in Montebello and surrounding areas who will gladly help you with your kitchen and the rest of the house.

Instead of spending hours tirelessly scrubbing a greasy stove and sink, have a relaxing day off with your family and loved ones and visit the Montebello Barnyard Zoo, and leave the cleaning to us. Contact us today, and we’ll set up an appointment right away!

How to automate property management cleaning

Property Management Cleaning Automation: All You Need to Know

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When we’re talking about commercial real estate, there’s a lot more to it than just renting the space to tenants. The place should be in the best possible condition if you want your tenants to feel good while they’re there. Moreover, all the services and utilities they use require regular maintenance.

Scheduling regular property management cleaning services in Norwalk, CA can help you with weekly and monthly upkeep. On the other hand, having regular checkups on plumbing and electricity helps the property function the way it should. We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on property management automation and why cleaning is a big part of it, so keep reading!

What is property management automation?

It’s no secret that subletting a commercial building is a full-time job. And when you have so many tasks to complete on a monthly basis, it’s only fair that you delegate them to the professionals for the best results. Most successful property owners use maid services and have handymen on speed dial because they want what’s best for their rental.

Among the common tasks that get automated are:Property Management Cleaning Automation All You Need to Know

1. Event, amenity, and service management

Commercial buildings are known for frequent events and various activities that need to be booked and promoted. Having a third-party service for it takes the weight off of the staff, so they can focus on the important parts of organizing, and using a platform or software can help with the tickets.

2. Payments and retail

All the transactions can easily be automated by scheduling payments. This is a simple solution for another task to be ticked off of your monthly property management list.

3. Cleaning and upkeep

This is the most important service that keeps your rental in a healthy and immaculate condition and it requires the most effort. Due to the variety of jobs that are in this category, it’s nearly impossible to keep the property in a top-notch state without the help of experts. Learning how to automate it can save you not only energy and time but also your monthly expenses.

How to automate property management cleaning?

Why would you stress out over every month thinking about cleaning your property, when you can schedule visits from the professionals with just one phone call? With the help of a reliable maid service that specializes in the upkeep of commercial buildings, you won’t have to worry about making any cleaning mistakes, because they’ll keep your property thoroughly clean.

The most important thing to remember when automating the cleaning is that the first impression is crucial. Choose the experts for the best results from the very beginning and your rental will look like it’s been freshly built.

The best cleaning companies offer scheduled visits, so you can rest assured that your property is in good hands in the long run. Not only that, but you’ll get professional service that will set the cleaning standard in your building, making it easier to maintain.

Where can I find reliable property management cleaning services in Norwalk, CA?

What is property management automation

If you’re looking to hire a maid service that you can rely on to keep your property in the best condition, then Oasis Natural Cleaning is the best choice for you! The professionals we work with are properly trained to clean every nook and cranny in your commercial building. 

Instead of wasting your resources on every type of cleaning job, give us a call to get a comprehensive service at a reasonable price. Take a relaxing walk near the Hathaway Ranch & Oil Museum with your family and loved ones and let us take care of your rental. Contact us today!

How to clean properties between leases

4 Mistakes Property Managers Make When Cleaning Between Leases

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When a rental is clean, the property manager benefits greatly. It’s faster to rent, looks amazing in the photos, and usually attracts desirable residents. With the help of property management cleaning services in Norwalk, CA, you can make every rental shine between the tenants and avoid making any mistakes.

Your rental’s cleanliness directly reflects how you want your property to be maintained. Many are unaware of this, as they tend to make a lot of cleaning mistakes. We’ve prepared a list of 4 things that you should avoid when cleaning between leases, so read on!

How to clean properties between leases?

Once it’s time to clean, the safest way to avoid mistakes is to be properly prepared and know what mistakes you need to avoid. Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

1. Don’t clean wood and stainless steel with harsh chemicals

4 Mistakes Property Managers Make When Cleaning Between LeasesMost landlords like to thoroughly disinfect their rentals between tenants. In doing this, they tend to use bleach, ammonia, and abrasive solutions. While this does make the surfaces clean and sanitary, it can be harmful to some materials.

Wood is a natural material, and as such, it’s porous. Any type of acidic cleaner can seep into the wood and it’s difficult to completely wash it off. It can leave an unpleasant smell, and that is counterproductive for attracting the tenants.

On the other hand, stainless steel can sustain acidic chemicals, since white vinegar is the best solution for it. However, using bleach can dull the surface and steel wool can leave scratches on the surface. If your stainless steel is smooth and reflective, the house will look like it’s newly built.

2. Don’t neglect the windows

Having cloudy and dusty windows makes the rooms feel darker, and they can appear dirtier than they are. When the glass is spotless and shiny, the rooms get more light and everything feels fresher. Spend a few more minutes on the windows, and you’ll notice the difference right away.

Some landlords get too busy with other things regarding the property that they tend to just wash the glass as fast as they can. In all that fuss, they forget the frame, track and window sill. These can be filthy from the accumulated dirt and grime and the potential residents will spot these instantly. 

3. Don’t ignore the mold

Bathrooms and basements are the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, because of the moisture and dark corners. This is a health hazard, as it can cause allergies and asthma. Have regular checkups for mold spots and thoroughly clean the area in the shower, around the toilet and under the sink. 

Of course, if you’re short on time and unable to clean the mold spots and mildew frequently, you can always hire a cleaning service to help you. They have professional skills and powerful solutions for every moldy corner.

4. Don’t skimp out when cleaning the carpet

Looking for property management cleaning services in Norwalk, CAWhile regular runs with a vacuum cleaner can be enough to remove all the dust, it helps to freshen them up between tenants by power washing them. Over time, various bits of food and moisture seep into the fiber and that makes the air in the room feel stale and heavy.

When the carpet is clean, everything smells lovely. Ask around for monthly carpet cleaning professionals and maids and automate the cleaning part of your property management. The rooms will instantly feel warmer, and the tenants will feel at home. Having a standard for clean carpets sets the expectations for your tenants and they’re more likely to maintain it.

Looking for property management cleaning services in Norwalk, CA?

If your rental could get a bit of love and care, you don’t need to overwork yourself for it. While you’re busy with more important things regarding the property, Oasis Natural Cleaning can help you with the regular upkeep! The maids we work with in Norwalk are skilled and prepared to tackle any type of dirt and grime. Have a relaxing day off and visit the Los Angeles County Fire Museum with your loved ones and leave the cleaning to us. Contact us today!

5 Tips for Cleaning a Newly Built Home

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How to clean a newly built or renovated homeMoving into a renovated or brand new home is always exciting, as it marks a new beginning. However, many people underestimate the power of cleaning after construction in Norwalk, CA because the house is full of debris and construction dust.

Once you build or renovate your home, it’s best to rely on professionals who’ll make your house look spotless and genuinely refurbished. If you want to tackle the post-construction mess yourself, we’ve prepared a few tricks for you. These can help you be quick and thorough at the same time, so read on!

How to clean a newly built or renovated home?

Whether you’re a successful realtor who wants to put their new property on the market or you’ve renovated your home and want to make it as clean as possible, the process is the same. Try some of these tips for the best results:

1. Put all your cleaning supplies in a caddy or a rolling cart

Just like with regular cleanup, it can be quite frustrating to go from one room to another just to grab a special product. It’s time-consuming and tiring, so investing in a rolling cart or a larger caddy is always a good choice. That way, you can have extra microfiber cloths on hand and be properly prepared for the post-construction cleaning.

2. Use the protective gear

You never know what chemicals lurk in the construction dust and debris. Tiny particles can easily enter your lungs and cause health problems. Avoid this by putting on a face mask and rubber gloves before you enter the property. This will save your lungs, as you won’t be coughing while you deal with the dust and debris.

3. Start from the top and work your way down

Since we’re talking about dust, and you can find it anywhere, it’s best to clean the upper parts of the room first. Then you can descend to the lower parts and finish off by vacuuming and mopping the floors. The most common mistake is vacuuming and then dusting, as the dust always ends up in higher parts of the room. Use a step ladder for hard-to-reach places.

4. Fabric softener for sticky wall stains

After your rooms have been painted, you might find sticky residue on your walls from the adhesive or molding. Most people fear that attempting to clean it can remove the paint. However, rubbing a small amount of fabric softener and letting it sit for a couple of minutes can effectively remove the residue without damaging the walls. Rinse with a sponge and clean water.

5. Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust

It can be very annoying to find post-construction dust after you’ve finished cleaning. Using ten different microfiber cloths just to deal with it can be tedious. A simple hack is to vacuum all the dust and wipe the surfaces afterward. This will not only remove 80% of the dust, but will also save you a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Who do I call to help me with cleaning after construction in Norwalk, CA?

cleaning after construction in Norwalk, CAModernizing your home is a satisfying process. Once you complete the successful renovation, it’s the perfect time to give Oasis Natural Cleaning a call! The cleaners we work with have the right set of skills and the adequate tools to tackle large amounts of dust.

Whether you’re looking to automate your property management cleaning or simply ensure that your new home in Norwalk is healthy and clean, we’ve got the right people for the job. Take a relaxing day off and go for a walk at Heritage Park and leave the cleaning to us. Contact us today!

6 Reasons Why Successful Realtors Use Cleaning Services

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Why should realtors hire cleaning servicesEvery real estate agent knows that successfully selling or renting a property requires thorough preparation. Part of a  good marketing strategy is ensuring the place is in immaculate condition. With the help of agencies that provide cleaning for realtors in Norwalk, CA, you’ll get a spotless property and a potential buyer in no time.

While it’s possible to clean it yourself, there are a couple of reasons why the best realtors and property managers hire professionals to do it for them. Keep reading to learn more!

Why should realtors hire cleaning services?

Aside from wanting to get the perfect first impression from your new tenant, here are six reasons why you should hire cleaners for your property:

  1. Experts pay attention to the details

When you’re caught up in the preparations to put your property on the market, it’s inevitable to skip or miss something by accident. And when it comes to cleaning, this mistake is the most common one. If you don’t want to allow this to happen, leave it to the experts.

Cleaners who are properly trained for tackling real estate properties know what requires more attention and what potential clients and tenants are looking for. Having your property spotless and ready guarantees a higher success rate.

1. More time for other preparations

Another reason to hire professionals is that it will save you time and energy. Cleaning the property from top to bottom can be a daunting and time-consuming task, one which you may not have the time or inclination to do yourself. Hiring a professional maid service means that you can check it off your to-do list, and focus on other tasks related to selling your home.

2. Detailed post-construction cleaning

If your rental was recently constructed or you’ve made some changes after the previous tenant left, the property may be dirtier than it seems. Hidden particles of dust and debris are lingering around and cleaning all that is tedious. Experts can provide a detailed cleanup and it shouldn’t take more than a day to do it. A renovated and clean home is always attractive.

3. Set the right expectations

When you advertise a semi-clean property, the tenant probably won’t do much to make it look better during their stay. But if you make sure that your rental is in perfect condition, it creates a precedent for the tenant and that is a clear sign of what you’d expect from them. Moving into a spotless rental always motivates people to keep it that way as best as they can.

4. Proper maintenance

Even if your property has been vacant for some time, you can still hire professionals on a monthly basis to keep it neat. You can also automate property management cleaning by scheduling them at the same time every month so you won’t have to worry about it every time. This way you’ll have less work to do when it’s time to rent the property.

5. Clean property ensures a higher standard

Nobody wants to pay more if the rental needs maintenance and cleaning. And while it’s not hard to scrub and wash, it’s easier to leave it to the experts. Having a spotless home on the market means you can dictate the price and even make it more expensive. Higher standard means more money, so hiring cleaners serves as an investment.

Who provides cleaning for realtors in Norwalk, CA?

cleaning for realtors in Norwalk, CAWhen you’re looking to rent or sell a freshly renovated property in Norwalk, reach out to Oasis Natural Cleaning! We work with cleaners who specialize in real estate properties and know all the tricks to make it desirable. Instead of worrying if it’s clean enough, have a relaxing day off and visit Hathaway Ranch & Oil Museum. Contact us today!

Top Tips for Reducing Allergens at Home

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How do you clean your house if you have allergiesDealing with allergies is a full-time job, especially during spring. Since pollen is thriving outside, people tend to spend more time indoors in order to reduce the symptoms. But when your house is full of allergy triggers, there’s no other choice but to call a maid service in Norwalk, CA. That way you’ll get a clean and allergy-free home in no time.

Your house should be a safe space where you feel comfortable, and allergens tend to do the opposite. There are a few things you can do to reduce the impact of house allergens on your health. We’ve prepared 6 tips to help you get started. Keep reading to learn more!

How do you clean your house if you have allergies?

The most common type of allergen is dust, and it can be found everywhere. A lot of factors are crucial for its quantity and frequency, such as the type of cleaning product you use, or the number of items you keep in one room. Visible dust particles usually appear after 2-3 days, so frequent cleaning may be the key to milder allergy symptoms.

Aside from dust, these can also trigger allergies:

  • Pet dander
  • Mold
  • Carpets
  • Cockroaches

To prevent and reduce the symptoms, here’s what you can do:

1. Vacuum at least twice a week

The best way to have fewer dust bunnies in your home is to vacuum it frequently. Investing in a lighter, cordless version is the best solution, as you can easily carry it around the house daily. However, make sure to mop the floors afterward to refresh them and give them a finishing touch. 

2. Declutter

One of the top secrets for faster cleaning is to keep fewer items in your rooms. A lot of objects act like magnets for dust and cobwebs, and it can be daunting to clean everything individually. You can store them in drawers, cabinets, and boxes, and keep only a few items for display and decoration. Not only will you have less dust to worry about, but you’ll also clean faster.

3. Frequently change the bedsheets

Bed bugs thrive in dirty and dusty bed sheets. If your sleep quality is poor, it’s probably because of the bedbugs. To prevent the infestation, change your bedsheets weekly and wash them in hot water. This also applies to the towels, because of the mold. People like to also air out the mattress, and put it outside when it’s sunny, as part of their spring cleaning.

4. Get rid of the carpets and drapes

These are the biggest dust collectors in every home. Instead of keeping wall-to-wall carpets, switch to wooden flooring and buy area rugs. Get rolling shades for your windows to prevent the dust from forming on them. You’ll instantly notice an improvement in the air quality in your home.

5. Don’t wear shoes indoors

Aside from being an unsanitary habit, wearing outdoor shoes inside transfers dirt, dust, and even smaller insects to your floors. Clean your entryway weekly, as well as your shoes. Leave them outside or in a designated hallway area. 

6. Buy a HEPA filter for your AC

If you have pollen allergies, you shouldn’t leave your windows open for a longer period of time. Instead, invest in an air conditioner and get a HEPA filter. This will purify the air indoors and you’ll instantly feel relieved.

Where can I find a reliable maid service in Norwalk, CAWhere can I find a reliable maid service in Norwalk, CA?

Cleaning with allergies is a difficult task, and you shouldn’t have to put your health at risk. That’s why Oasis Natural Cleaning is the perfect choice for you! We work with maids in Norwalk that use natural cleaning products. Don’t waste your time washing and scrubbing, take a relaxing day off and visit Hathaway Ranch & Oil Museum with your loved ones. Contact us today!

Precautions for Cleaning With Allergies

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Can cleaning make allergies worseWatching nature wake up in the spring is a lovely sight, but that can bring unpleasant surprises, like allergies. Living with them is difficult enough, but when it’s time for housework, giving a call to the house cleaning services in Norwalk, CA can be a lifesaver. You can leave the dusty shelves to the professionals and enjoy the warm weather.

Pollen and dust are the most common causes of allergies. Having them, however, shouldn’t prevent you from doing basic daily activities, and when it comes to cleaning, there are a few things you should know. Here you can learn more about it, so keep reading!

Can cleaning make allergies worse?

If you’re tackling the daunting task of spring cleaning, you should probably expect a fair amount of hidden dust. The allergy symptoms tend to worsen immediately after using a vacuum cleaner because dust particles get stirred up and fly all over the place. However,  you can reduce the symptoms by using a face mask and leaving an open window while you clean.

It’s best to use unscented solutions and always wear gloves to prevent the products from coming into contact with your skin. However, sometimes you can’t run away from the allergy triggers because they’re already in your home. The most common dust allergy triggers are: 

  • Humidity
  • Pollen 
  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites

Keeping your house dust-free is a challenging, but rewarding task. Vacuum your rooms twice a week and frequently change the bedsheets for best results. When cleaning, make sure to start from the upper parts and work your way down, to prevent the dust from flying all over the place.

If your allergy symptoms don’t improve, you should look into certain modifications around the house, like switching to wooden floors instead of wall-to-wall carpets or investing in a HEPA air purifier. Monitor the humidity level in your home, as it shouldn’t be higher than 55.

What cleaning products are good for allergies?

Aside from the basic home allergens, certain chemicals can also worsen the symptoms. If you have allergies, avoid the products that contain ammonia, bleach, sodium laureth sulfate, and formaldehyde. They can cause rashes and heavy breathing.

Luckily, there are alternative cleaning products made with natural ingredients. One of the safer ways to get them is by checking the list of EPA-approved products. These are good for both your health and the environment, and they are effective enough to make your spring cleaning faster and easier.

However, sometimes the best thing is the one you already have in your home. Making your own cleaning products helps you become aware of all the ingredients that they consist of. If you’re looking for the DIY versions, you can always use the household ingredients, like:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon
  • Mineral oils

When properly combined, these ingredients can tackle any type of dirt and grime. Use baking soda and lemon for scrubbing and whitening, white vinegar for stainless steel, and mineral oils for wooden surfaces.

Who provides the best house cleaning services in Norwalk, CA?

What cleaning products are good for allergiesIf your allergies are severe, or you simply don’t want to trigger them by cleaning, give a call to Oasis Natural Cleaning! We can send you maids that are properly equipped and ready to make all of the dust in your home disappear. The houses that the professionals tackle stay clean for longer. 

Why should you risk your health just to dust a few shelves when you can hire someone to do it for you? Instead of sneezing and itching, have a relaxing day off and visit the Los Angeles County Fire Museum with your family and loved ones. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!

How to Make Spring Cleaning Faster and Easier

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How can I make spring cleaning easierAfter winter’s hibernation, it’s time to shake up the energy in your home, and spring cleaning is the best way to do it. Most people clear up a day or two in their schedule for this occasion, but the busier ones turn to the house cleaning professionals in Norwalk, CA, to take care of it. That way you get a clean living space and more time on your hands.

However, doing it yourself doesn’t have to mean tirelessly washing and scrubbing for hours. We’ve prepared a list of 5 tips to make your spring clean quicker, so keep reading!

How can I make spring cleaning easier?

One of the reasons why people put off their spring cleaning is because they don’t know where to start and it seems like there is so much to do. If you’re one of them, try one of these tricks:

1. Wash windows on a cloudy day

The good thing about spring is that there are occasional cloudy days and they are perfect for washing your windows. Sunny days make the product dry faster on glass because of the heat, so you end up with more streaks. If you’ve already planned a warm sunny day for your spring cleaning, you don’t have to do your windows and wait for the clouds.

2. Squeeze lemon in the garbage disposal and sink

Instead of dismantling the appliance to get rid of the smell, place a few ice cubes and squeeze lemon inside your garbage disposal. While it crushes the cubes, the acid from the lemon will remove any unpleasant odors and your garbage disposal will smell fresh and clean. You can also do this for your sink, as lemon is a powerful natural cleaner.

3. Air out your mattress and let it soak up the sun

Some people like to pour baking soda on their mattress and vacuum it after letting it sit for an hour. While this does kill the bedbugs, it’s a tedious task. You can instead place it on two chairs in your yard or balcony on a sunny day and let it air out for the entire day. Not only will this prevent various allergens from forming, but it will also kill bedbugs and refresh the mattress.

4. Declutter before you start cleaning

This is the most important thing when it comes to spring cleaning. Having a lot of unnecessary items in your home makes the air feel heavy and you’re more likely to develop allergies from all the dust. Go through all of your junk drawers, wardrobe, and especially the fridge, and get rid of all the items that don’t serve you any purpose. Your home will instantly feel lighter!

5. Soak extremely dirty objects

If you have pots and pans with burnt food that just won’t come off, instead of tossing them, let them soak in dishwashing liquid and hot water for half an hour. Or if you have stubborn stains on your tiles or clothes, spray a cleaning solution and let it sit for a while. Most chemicals take time to activate and work better when they sit on the stain for some time.

Who can come and help me with my house cleaning in Norwalk, CA?

house cleaning in Norwalk, CAWhile all these tips and cleaning hacks are smart and handy, sometimes you just don’t feel like cleaning at all, and that’s totally fine. Oasis Natural Cleaning is here to help you! We can send you some of the best maids who work in Norwalk and surrounding areas to clean your home in no time. They have the right skill set and all the products needed to make any object shine.

Why waste your spring days washing and dusting, when you can enjoy a nice day off and visit Los Angeles County Fire Museum? Give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment right away. Contact us today!

Spring Cleaning 101: A Detailed Checklist

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What is the purpose of spring cleaningAfter a long and cold winter, your home needs a detailed cleanup. With the warm weather right around the corner, sunny days are perfect for spring cleaning. However, this is also a time when a lot of people become overly busy with their jobs and don’t have the time for housework.

In these cases, cleaning agencies for hire in Norwalk, CA, are the best choice for preoccupied people. You get professional spring cleaning without lifting a finger. However, if you want to do it yourself, we’ve prepared a guide with everything you need to know. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the purpose of spring cleaning?

During the cold days, while the houses are heating up, a lot of dust and dirt accumulates around the fireplaces and other hidden areas. Couple that with stale winter household air, since you’re probably not opening your windows as much as you should, and you have the perfect recipe for dust and other harmful particles. Also, this serves as the perfect opportunity to start start fresh without clutter and dirt in your living space.

The main purpose of spring cleaning is to wake up and refresh your home. When things are in one place for a while, pockets of dust form around them. This is the main cause of allergies, and even if you’re not allergic, it’s still bad for your lungs.

How do you prepare for spring cleaning?

The best thing you can do before you begin your spring cleaning is to declutter. Chances are, you have a junk drawer or two, and you need to empty them and see what can stay and what has to go. After tackling all of the unsorted things, assign a place for them, so you always know where to find them. This reduces the mess in your home in the long run!

Once you declutter your junk drawers, go to the fridge, the pantry, and wardrobe and do the same there. Then you can plan your spring cleaning. Make a checklist and gather your tools and products. If you have allergies, get a face mask. You should know that the whole process can take up to two days, so make sure you are available on the days you plan the clean.

What is included in a spring cleaning?

A typical spring cleaning checklist should include:

  • Washing and vacuum the vents
  • Dusting the baseboards, lighting fixtures, and windowsills
  • Washing the bedding, pillows, and comforters, air out the mattress
  • Disinfecting the electronic appliances, check the batteries and cables on them

You can also add these to be more thorough:

  • Washing the curtains, dust the blinds and lampshades
  • Cleaning the inside of all your cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom
  • Moving the kitchen appliances and cleaning the space behind them
  • Washing the carpets, sofas, and armchairs
  • Checking your fire extinguisher and first aid kit’s expiration date

To make your spring clean fast and easy, start in one room and work from top to bottom. Clean the bathroom last, as you’ll likely use it during the process, and finish off with vacuuming and mopping the floors.

Where can I find cleaning agencies for hire in Norwalk, CA?

How do you prepare for spring cleaningSpring cleaning is not an easy task, as it can require a lot of energy and time. And with the warm weather approaching, why waste your weekends scrubbing and washing when you can enjoy a relaxing day off at the Hathaway Ranch & Oil Museum?

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