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Friendliest Houseplants for Your Cats and Dogs

Friendliest Houseplants for Your Cats and Dogs

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Trying to make both your pets and houseplants to co-exist harmoniously in your home can be quite a challenge. As well-behaved as your pet may seem to be, there can be times when it will just take a bite out of your greens. And no, it’s not just the case of your plant ruined, but what if by chance it was poisonous? That’s why choosing the right kind of plants is a smart measure to take.

To prevent this from happening, here are some houseplants that are safe for your pets.

Spider Plant

Spider plants hold the record for the easiest kind to care for, they grow well in low-light conditions and help sanitize the air in your home. They come in varieties and thrive in a wide range of conditions. They need a reasonable amount of water and need to dry out in between watering. If you have troubles keeping plants alive, then this one’s not only for your pets but you too.

Bamboo Palm

Bamboos are non-toxic plants and therefore are safe for your pets to chew on, not that you want them to though. It’s also easy to grow indoors and is another air-cleaning plant. You can keep them in indirect or bright sunlight, and when watering, make sure that you use room-temperature filtered water only when the soil feels dry. They can grow up to 12 feet high with a width of 5 feet.


If you’re a huge fan of succulents or plants that don’t need much water, the Echeveria is an excellent, pet-friendly choice for you! This type of plant is drought-tolerant and can tolerate extreme temperatures, including frost. With proper tender love and care, making sure they get plenty of light and keeping their soil moist, you and your pets can enjoy its beauty in sight. It’s a versatile plant great for decorating, too!

Boston Fern

If there’s one thing that you can learn from Garfield the Cat, it’s that ferns are non-toxic and cat friendly indoor plants and for dogs. Boston Ferns are the easiest type of ferns to care for. They are great in high humidity with indirect light, so you may consider hanging them in the bathroom, ensuring that they get the humidity at dimness they need. Aside from that, they can serve as a fantastic aesthetic and can add charm to your bathroom.

Ponytail Palm

Another succulent pet-friendly houseplant is the ponytail palm. It looks like a palm with long, thin leaves, and a thick trunk–another exciting choice for home decoration. Although it does best in bright light, ponytail palms can also thrive in any lighting conditions. Even if you keep it indoors half the year, it can still survive–provided you have exposed it to sunlight during the other half. It’s a wonderful option if a small indoor tree is what you’re looking for because it grows up to 3 feet tall.

Pets and plants usually don’t get along, but some houseplants can be downright dangerous for your furry friends. So if you want something that can live with your pets, check out these non-toxic plants safe for your cats and dogs! All these given to you by Oasis Natural Cleaning, who can match you with the best cleaning pros who can help you clean any mess your pets and plants might make.

Easy Ways To Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Easy Ways To Get a Better Night’s Sleep

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Modern life is hectic and getting a great night’s sleep is essential for your health and well-being.

Do you have problems sleeping at all?

If so, there are 5 really simple ways on how to get a better night sleep from preparation during to the day to make your bedroom into a sanctuary conducive to optimal sleep.

1) Get More Natural Light in The Day

You can give your chances of sleeping better a real boost long before you make it into the bedroom. Your body is regulated by a natural time-keeping system known as the circadian rhythm.

By getting ample natural sunlight during the day, you keep this system ideally balanced, which in turn promotes how to better sleep. If you live somewhere that sunlight is sorely lacking, consider investing in a bright light appliance to get the next best thing.

2) Avoid Daytime Naps if Possible

Even if you’re tired from cleaning the kitchen or dusting the stairway, try at all costs to avoid sleeping during the day. This disrupts your circadian rhythm and, if you nap for too long, you can end up feeling sluggish rather than rested.

If you absolutely must take a siesta, limit it to 20 minutes, and you should wake rejuvenated without any negative impact on your sleep that night.

3) Keep Things Dark At Night

And just as you should brighten your day, you should darken your night. Make sure you keep everything in the bedroom nice and dim.

Not only is this more romantic – think candlelight rather than searing light bulbs – but you’ll also be better placed to ease toward dreamland. Your brain needs to be reminded that it’s time to go to sleep, and bright screens or lighting in your bedroom will prevent that.

4) Cut Back on The Coffee

Once you’re finished up cleaning the coffee maker, it can be tempting to reward yourself with a nice latte.

Check the clock, though.

We all know caffeine is a stimulant, so make a tweak here. Rather than simply sidestepping coffee late at night, try implementing an earlier cut-off point around mid-afternoon. Coffee stays in your bloodstream for 6 or 7 hours, so it’s well worth pulling the rug on those early evening cappuccinos.

Switch to a non-caffeinated drink instead, and you’ll notice a miraculous difference when it comes time to drop off, and your system is not filled with coffee.

5) Keep Sleep Times Consistent

While you might find hitting the gym or doing laundry every day dull, having a routine is important for your sleep cycle, as you get your brain used to a strict rhythm. 

Although it’s tempting to lounge in bed at the weekends and to stay up later partying, as a general rule try to keep the times you go to bed and wake up relatively consistent. 

The body thrives on routines and sticking to a rigid sleep schedule will ensure you have more chance of hitting that elusive 8-hour target.

Cleaning Service

Perhaps you’re just starting to overcome insomnia, and you’re finally managing to get an improved sleep. 

But you’re still tired. Too tired for housework, perhaps.

If so, hiring a house cleaning service is a smart way to make things easy on yourself without sacrificing a natural home.

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