Oasis Natural Cleaning has one purpose: to provide first-class service
and a family-style touch to cleaning your home or business.

Our goal is to transform your living or work space into a clean, organized, and bright

environment where you can focus on the things that are most important to you.

We make cleaning projects simple by providing all the services you need at competitive

prices all with just one phone call or the click of a button. See our services for details and pricing.

How is Oasis different?


Our crews are Insured, Bonded & Background Checked. Any service provider that

walks through your door has been thoroughly interviewed and vetted by me



We treat everyone fairly -When our cleaners feel appreciated, safe and healthy,

they provide great service, which ultimately becomes your benefit. We have

many years of customer service experience that will be evident when we arrive

for our appointment.


We practice what we preach and we believe in the positive effects of organic &

natural living. We can use chemical free, non-toxic products so you can feel safe

letting your little ones or your pets crawl around the house. It’s been said that a

clean environment is a great way to increase productivity and reduce stress. Let

us provide you with the same great feeling we get every Thursday, which is

cleaning day at our house.


When you need a Deep Clean that requires some heavy duty solutions. We have

that too. 🙂 After my first year in the business I realized that every property is

different and every house requires its own unique approach. We are not

environmentalists, we are a cleaning company and we are great at it! As the

preferred vendors for property management companies and realtors we know

what it takes to get a home or office ready for its new owner/ occupant.


We treat your home right! Not all surfaces are made equal. Wood, granite,

marble, stainless steel, leather; does your cleaner know how to treat these

surfaces carefully so as not to damage them? Our technicians will use the right
solutions for your home and we’ll make sure your surfaces are properly and
carefully treated.