6 Best Cleaning Supplies for Airbnb Properties

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What cleaning products and supplies do Airbnb hosts needIt’s always a good idea to keep your rental property clean, especially during a pandemic, when hygiene is of great importance. If you’re renting out a property in , you probably want to keep it pristine for each guest so they feel at home. 

This poses an important question, what Airbnb cleaning products should you keep in your property to ensure its clean and fresh during the guest’s stay.

According to the new Airbnb protocol that was published following the spread of the COVID-19, there are several fundamental products you should keep in your rental. We have compiled a list of those supplies, so you can have them all in one place!

What cleaning products and supplies do Airbnb hosts need?

First of all, make sure you have enough of the cleaning products and equipment we’re about to list. Your guests probably wouldn’t like to experience any shortage of supplies in times of high demand. Every Airbnb should be replete with:

  1. Multi-surface cleaner and EPA approved disinfectant, as well as a glass cleaner
  2. Bleach and all toilet cleaning products
  3. Dishsoap and laundry detergent
  4. Extra bottle of liquid soap and hand sanitizer
  5. Abundance of disposable paper towels
  6. Disposable gloves and microfiber cloths

These products should be available for guests during their stay. Besides that, it is necessary that every rental has a vacuum cleaner, a bucket and a mop, garbage bags and a toilet brush. Dishwasher is optional, but preferable.

How do I remain safe while cleaning my Airbnb?

Airbnbs see a lot of traffic, even during a worldwide pandemic, and many different people are potentially going to visit your property. That is why it’s best to sanitize every area of your rental. However, you also need to keep yourself safe while cleaning. You can do so by using the following protective equipment:

  • Rubber gloves that you can easily dispose of afterwards
  • Any type of mask that covers your nose and mouth to prevent inhaling the chemicals
  • Plastic bags to put over your shoes to prevent germs from sticking on them
  • An apron or an old piece of clothing that you can wash on high temperature

You can also use a face shield or safety glasses for cleaning the toilet. We know that the bathroom is the dirtiest room of the house, so it’s paramount to be safe while cleaning the bathroom. If necessary, clean any mold you find in the Airbnb, all the carpets, and check the cleanliness of your oven.

Are my disinfectants strong enough?

Check the official governmental agency’s list for the approved disinfectants. This list has the best products for thorough cleaning and sanitizing, without posing a danger to the environment. If you think your product isn’t strong enough, try leaving it on the surface a bit longer, so it can air-dry. You should know never to mix different products, because of the chemical reaction such an action can cause. Clean safely and stay protected.

Are my disinfectants strong enoughWho offers detail-oriented Airbnb cleaning services?

Since the standard for neatness had risen, it’s no wonder that people in are searching for professional cleaning services. Instead of spending time in the dusty rental, go on and explore the great outdoors

Connect with nature while we connect you to the most reliable vacation rental cleaners that will ensure your Airbnb is properly sanitized! We want to free you from the stress of worrying about the level of cleanliness in your Airbnb. We will ensure everything is up to code and safe for your guests. Reach out to us today!

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