What’s a Good Pre-Listing House Cleaning Checklist?

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As every realtor knows, cleanliness is often a deciding factor when it comes to selling a property. This may seem unfair, but look at it from the bright side: ensuring a home is squeaky clean before a showing can actually raise its value.

Cleanliness is especially important in newly constructed properties. These homes tend to seem barren and uninviting no matter how well-built they are, but that problem can be lessened or even completely avoided by giving the property a great post-construction cleaning.

Needless to say, the best way to achieve this is to hire a trusted company that provides professional-level cleaning after construction in Whittier CA. Want to know how a house should be cleaned before a showing? Read on to learn more.

How do you thoroughly clean a house before listing it?

Cleaning a home before a showing is much more difficult than giving it a standard cleaning. In order to impress potential home buyers, you must pay close attention to every little detail and remove anything that may leave a negative first impression.

A general pre-showing home cleaning checklist includes:

  • Remove clutter from furniture, floors, and counters.
  • Arrange magazines and books, and put TV remotes, phone chargers, and other electronics at their designated spots.
  • Many people dislike having animals in the house, so make sure to remove any signs of pets (pet hair, feeding trays, beds, toys, litter boxes, etc.).
  • Dust everything, including ceiling fixtures, window sills and frames, shelves, blinds, ledges, both sides of the door, and so on.
  • Clean window blinds and replace or wash any curtains that are stained.
  • Thoroughly wash both sides of the windows using reputable cleaning products.
  • Throw out the trash and make sure the garbage bins are clean and odorless. It also doesn’t hurt to put the garbage bins at out-of-sight places.
  • Take off the ceiling fixtures and clean them. The last thing you want is for your potential buyers to see dead insects or dust inside the ceiling fixtures.
  • Clean any stains and marks off of the walls and the doors. If that doesn’t help, consider repainting the surfaces.

What other types of cleaning does a pre-showing house need?

Different rooms serve different purposes, so they naturally require specialized cleaning approaches in order to truly look their best. Always remember that a single badly cleaned area is enough to drive away some buyers.

Pay close attention to the following:

  • Kitchen: clean and free up the countertops, wash the dishes and put them in cupboards, give the appliances an in-depth external and internal cleaning, clean the overhead fans and exhaust filters, and thoroughly clean the sink.
  • Bedrooms: make them look cozy and attractive by putting on pristine linens and dealing with any odors or stains. Pack all your clothes away in the closet to show the buyers that there’s plenty of storage space.
  • Bathrooms: clean and polish the tiles and mirrors, take off and wash the shower curtain, scrub and clean the faucets and the showerheads, and make sure both the toilet and the bathtub are sparkling clean.

Who provides the best cleaning after construction in Whittier CA?

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