How to Throw a Great Open House?

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How does a realtor prepare for an open houseWhether you’re a full-time realtor who sells properties for a living or a homeowner looking to find buyers for their old home, knowing how to prepare a superb open house is crucial if you wish to attract buyers and get a high asking price. 

Unfortunately, doing this isn’t as simple as putting up a “FOR SALE” sign and googling “cleaning agencies for hire in Whittier CA”. The real estate market is becoming more competitive with each passing year, so you always need to stay ahead of the curve. 

In previous articles, we explored the importance of properly cleaning a house before a showing and explained how to go about setting up an open house. Today, we’ll delve deeper into these topics in order to give you a better understanding of what open houses entail. Read on.

How does a realtor prepare for an open house?

A realtor’s job is to set everything up in a way that makes buyers feel at home while inspecting a new house. It’s all about making a memorable in-person first impression that will benefit everyone involved. 

As a realtor, you should strive to:

  • Be friendly and helpful. Buy some cookies or other snacks (some realtors even use catering services for this) to cheer up your buyers. Have a measuring tape on hand at all times. Buyers will often be wondering if curtains are long enough or if their furniture fits, and being able to measure on the spot will help them envision their life in that house. 
  • Attract buyers by putting out yard signs, getting an ad on social media, scheduling early in the day or during neighborhood events, or using services such as ListHub that place open houses on mega-sites such as Zillow or
  • Clean and declutter. Dirty or cluttered houses are exceedingly unattractive. You should always book the services of a respected cleaning company to make sure the property is cleaned to the highest standards or free of air-polluting mold or unpleasant smells before it admits prospective buyers.
  • Stage the place. Even if the seller can’t or won’t invest in things like repainting the exterior, new mailboxes, new doors, etc., you can still make the house look infinitely better by mowing the lawn, cleaning the driveway, and adding a few small touches. For example, citrus candles can neutralize pet odors, while music can make buyers feel more relaxed and even make them want to stick around longer.
  • Leverage your leads by communicating with the buyers. Look them in the eyes and treat them with respect. Engage interested buyers and ask them crucial questions. Get their contact information ASAP so you can follow-up the next day. 

How do you keep an open house successful?

It’s impossible to guarantee that any house will be sold during a showing. That being said, getting the word out, engaging and staying in touch with interested buyers, and making sure that the house has been cleaned beforehand by a top-notch maid service is a tried-and-true way to close a deal. 

Where can I find the top cleaning agencies for hire in Whittier CA?

How do you keep an open house successfulAre you a professional realtor looking to sell a gorgeous home near the Fred C. Nelles School? Or perhaps you’re the owner of this home and you want to prepare it for its big open house day? 

Whatever your situation, Oasis Natural Cleaning is here to ensure the property leaves the best possible impression on potential buyers. The Whittier maids we work with are unsurpassed in their ability to render peerless cleanings while our total happiness guarantee ascertains that you’ll never be dissatisfied with the quality of your cleaning. Contact us today. 

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