What Are Move Out Cleanings and Why Are They So Important?

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Do tenants clean when moving outA move out cleaning is a special type of cleaning service available to residents of Whittier, CA that is designed to ensure a house is pristine before the occupants move out. It usually takes place after the tenant has taken most of their belongings away, but before they’ve formally terminated their lease agreement.

In previous articles, we explained what a move in cleaning is and why cleaning your home before moving in is so essential. Now we’ll take a look at the other side of the coin by answering some common questions about move out cleanings.

Do tenants clean when moving out?

Cleaning your old home before moving out is a common practice among American tenants, and can even be a written stipulation in some tenant-landlord agreements. However, it may not be necessary if you’re the owner of your old home.

Consider the following:

If you own the property

If you’re looking to make money from the property by renting it out or listing it on the real estate market, it’s strongly advised that you give it an extensive cleaning before any prospective tenants or buyers see it. Not doing so will make the property a lot less attractive and may even drive down its value.

If you were renting the property

With the exception of normal wear and tear, rental lease agreements always require tenants to keep the home in a great condition. Needless to say, this includes keeping it tidy as well.

By failing to give the place a good cleaning before you leave, you’re essentially not meeting your end of the landlord-tenant contract. This can lead to all sorts of disagreements with your landlord, some of which may cause you to incur additional costs.

What happens if you don’t clean your apartment when moving out?

The answer to this question depends entirely on whether you’re the owner of this apartment or you’re just renting it from a landlord. If you own the place, and you don’t intend to sell it or lease it out, there are no disadvantages to not performing a move out cleaning.

However, if you have a landlord, failing to perform a move out cleaning could result in a breach of your tenant-landlord agreement. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to give the place an extensive cleaning before handing the keys back to your landlord.

Can a landlord charge you for cleaning after you move out?

If your landlord feels you haven’t taken care of their property or kept up with your responsibilities (such as paying utility bills), they can use your initial security deposit to cover these expenses and even demand additional funds.

And yes, this includes covering the costs of a professional cleaning service. In fact, cleaning costs are one of the most common reasons landlords cite for holding onto a tenant’s deposit. In fact, some opportunistic landlords may do this even if the home isn’t excessively dirty.

What happens if you don't clean your apartment when moving outWho should I call when I need an in-depth move out cleaning in Whittier, CA?

Finding the time and energy to give your previous home a thorough cleaning while simultaneously juggling all the details and responsibilities that go into moving often results in rushed cleanings and unnecessary complications.

Here at Oasis Natural Cleaning, we’d like to help you avoid needless hassle and make sure your landlord has nothing to complain about by matching you with Whitter’s top cleaning experts who can provide you with a truly professional-grade move out cleaning service.

The cleaners we work with will gladly take care of your cleaning needs while you deal with the other aspects of your move, or simply enjoy a quiet lunch at the Poet Gardens with your friends and family. Schedule your cleaning today!

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