Top 4 Cleaning Mistakes

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We all strive for maximum cleaning efficiency and we want to make it as quick and as thorough as possible. Sometimes,  however, we tend to do more harm than good, because of the certain mistakes we make along the way. If you live in Montebello, CA, you can ensure that your house is perfectly maintained by hiring a professional maid service. But that feels like admitting defeat, doesn’t it? Let’s see how you can ascertain your victory!

What should you not do when cleaning

What should you not do when cleaning?

The most common mistakes happen when you use the wrong type of product, fail to clean an area frequently enough, or when you forget about your cleaning supplies. Here’s a list of some typical oversights that can happen while cleaning and what you can do to stop them from happening.

1. Forgetting to pre-soak extremely dirty things

Whether it’s the dishes, garden pots or an oven, not soaking them in advance can lead to a longer and a more tiring process of cleaning and scrubbing, which can ultimately damage the material they’re made of.

For example, if you want to clean an overly greasy oven, try spraying the product and leaving it in for at least an hour. The cleanup afterwards will be like wiping the water off the counter. You can use the same tactic for greasy pans and flowerpots. This is also one of the good cleaning habits you should adopt to save time and energy.

2. Using old or dirty cleaning supplies

Let’s be honest – when’s the last time you bought a new microfiber cloth or washed your vacuum bag? In order to have an efficient cleaning process, you have to make sure your appliances and supplies are clean and ready for work. This also includes the dishwasher and the laundry machines, as they too deserve some care.

This kind of approach ensures that this will be super easy for you when the time for deep cleaning arrives! Empty out your vacuum bag and wash it if possible, purchase low-cost microfiber cloths and brushes and invest in a spray mop. With a little restoration, it will feel like your appliances are brand new.

3. Cleaning without an order

Cleaning can be overwhelming even if you choose to do it one room at a time. However, you can actually maximize your cleaning efforts and make them easier if you clean in the correct order – from top to bottom.

Dust flies everywhere, but if you start from the ceiling lights, picture frames and crown molding and work your way down, ultimately finishing with vacuuming and mopping, your rooms will end up feeling much cleaner.

Besides, it’s always better to tackle the upper parts of the room first, as it’s the most annoying part of cleaning. Try this the next time you do a regular or a deep clean and you’ll feel the difference!

4. Cleaning only once a week

maid service in Montebello, CADo you have a planned day of the week that focuses solely on cleaning? What if we told you that you can make this day shorter by cleaning as you go? Whenever you see a dusty surface, it only takes a minute to wipe it off, so you won’t have to wait for the weekend to take care of it.

The same goes for the individual rooms. Try doing a little work every day and your house will instantly look and feel a lot cleaner. Furthermore, you’ll feel more satisfied when you squeeze in a bit of cleaning into your daily routine!

Looking for a professional maid service in Montebello, CA?

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