Regular Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning: All You Need to Know

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How do deep cleaning and regular cleaning differEver since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, people have been more cautious about their health and cleaning has become more frequent in almost every household. Many have opted for hiring house cleaning services to help them with deep cleaning, especially in Montebello, CA. This makes the cleaning process easier and their homes spotless and sanitized.

However, there has always been a confusion when it comes to deep cleaning and regular cleaning. People think that deep cleaning should be done more frequently. But if the house is regularly cleaned, the need for deep cleaning is not that necessary. Here are the explanations of both deep and regular cleaning processes.

Regular cleaning

This type of cleaning is generally performed frequently – weekly or a couple of times a month. It includes cleaning every room of the house, but it is not supposed to be extremely detailed. Regular cleaning serves as a maintenance clean, to prevent dust buildup in high-traffic areas and on items that are used everyday. When regular cleaning, people focus on the following areas:

  • Bathroom: sink, shower/bathtub, toilet, mirror, laundry
  • Kitchen: sink, stove, top of the counters, dishes
  • Living area: dusting, wipedown of surfaces
  • Bedroom: changing the bedsheets, airing out the covers, dusting
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors

By cleaning these rooms on a weekly basis, you can make sure your house looks neat and is around 80% germ-free. Moreover, if you use EPA approved natural cleaning products, not only are you keeping the toxic chemicals away from your home, but you’re also helping the Earth.

Try and make it a habit to regularly clean, and you’ll notice the difference! It will make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot, and you’ll live in a healthier environment.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is a lot more detailed and it cannot be done as frequently as a regular cleaning. People don’t have that much time and it isn’t really necessary, as things take time to get really dirty if they’ve been regularly cleaned.

It’s usually done once or twice a year (some things maybe even once every few months), and it includes cleaning the parts of your home that you don’t usually pay much attention to. Deep cleaning focuses on these things:

  • Cleaning your appliances, such as the oven, kettle, microwave, laundry machine or dishwasher.
  • Cleaning behind the couch, wardrobe or any other heavy furniture that isn’t usually moved.
  • Washing or replacing the grout on your kitchen or bathroom tiles.
  • Washing the window glass, frame and curtain rods, as well as the curtains.
  • Cleaning the inside of the cupboards and counters.
  • Cleaning ceiling lights.
  • Defrosting the fridge and the freezer.

It sounds like a lot, and it really can’t be done in a day. That’s why people spread out their deep cleaning across a couple of days, and usually focus on one room at a time. When they get the hang of it, many figure out certain tips and tricks that can help make deep cleaning much easier.

How do deep cleaning and regular cleaning differ?

It might seem like cleaning is cleaning, and there should not be much difference. However, one of the most common mistakes that people make when cleaning is not cleaning regularly. Deep cleaning is the more detailed type of cleaning, and regular cleaning is sort of a weekly habit. It’s easy to make a difference when you consider the things that you constantly use in your home. You know that they should be cleaned more often than others.

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