What Are the Main Steps in a Post-Construction Cleaning?

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Any newly built, remodeled, or renovated property needs to be given an in-depth post-construction cleaning. This not only removes debris, hazardous materials, and deeply ingrained construction dust but also increases the property’s value by making it more attractive to prospective buyers and renters.

Unlike standard or deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning simply can’t be done without specialized equipment and training. That’s where professional property management cleaning services in Whittier come in.

In this article, we’ll outline the main steps that are included in a post-construction cleaning. Keep reading to learn more.

What can I expect from a post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaners use specialized cleaning supplies to perform a unique kind of deep cleaning. In addition to cleaning the interior of the building, this cleaning also deals with the exterior and removes debris and hazardous waste.

Broadly speaking, most post-construction cleanings are split into four broad steps. Depending on the construction project in question, some of these steps may or may not be necessary. For example, there’s no need to clean the exterior of your house if all you did was renovate your bathroom.

Step #1: debris removal

Construction waste can be hazardous and non-hazardous. Being able to identify which type of waste you’re dealing with and knowing how to safely remove it is one of the reasons why post-construction cleaning should never be performed by untrained personnel.

Expert post-construction cleaners have cutting-edge equipment that can dramatically decrease the time it takes to gather non-hazardous debris and transport it to a landfill. They can also use tilting dump waste carts to remove interior debris.

Step #2: hazardous waste disposal

Different kinds of hazardous waste are disposed of in different ways. For instance, liquids are incinerated while asbestos is buried in certain landfills. Again, performing this task correctly is vital in order to create a safe and hygienic environment for future occupants.

Step #3: interior cleaning

Every construction site creates a large amount of construction dust. This dust is comprised of a combination of asbestos fibers, drywall dust, sawdust, metal filings, and cement products. Aside from looking bad, this stuff can cause all sorts of health problems over time, which is why it must be carefully removed after construction.

In addition to construction dust removal, post-construction cleaning also includes extensive deep cleaning. The goal here is to make the place ready for use and occupation, as well as to increase its market value by making it as attractive as possible.

This part of the cleaning includes:

  • Floors,
  • Ceilings and walls,
  • Windows,
  • Vents,
  • Doors,
  • Kitchens,
  • Bathrooms.

Step #4: exterior cleaning

During this final phase of a post-construction cleaning, the cleaners go over the construction site with a magnetic sweeper that collects any misplaced screws, nails, or other tiny pieces of metal.

The cleaners will then power wash any entrances, sidewalks, or driveways, and scrub the entire area with a brush to really give it that “brand new” shine. The final part of an exterior cleaning includes washing windows and exterior light fixtures.

Where can I book superb property management cleaning services in Whittier?

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