The Ultimate Guide to Having Clean Laundry

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What is the best way to clean laundryWhen it comes to house cleaning, laundry is one of the more tedious tasks, especially if you’re not entirely sure you know how to do it properly. You risk ending up with smelly and stained clothes even when you wash them. However, in Santa Fe Springs, CA, there is a shortcut to having clean laundry without sacrificing energy.

The best feeling in the world is when you come home to a batch of fresh and clean laundry. As difficult as it may seem, it’s actually quite easy to achieve it? We’ve prepared the ultimate guide with all the tips you’ll need to wash your clothes properly. Keep reading!

What is the best way to clean laundry?

Plenty of factors affect the quality of your washing process. If only one of them is bad, you may not get the results you want. From sorting clothes to cleaning your washing appliance, you should make sure that everything is properly maintained. Things to do before turning on your machine are:

1. Deep clean your washer

The most common cause of smelly laundry is a dirty washing machine. Over time, detergent and gunk can build up and prevent the appliance from working properly. Moreover, this can cause the machine to break after only a few uses.

Before you put in your next load of laundry, clean out the filter and the detergent tray. Do a regular cycle on your empty machine and pour baking soda directly into the drum. Do this 2-3 times a year for best results. One more thing to make into a habit is to keep the door open when you’re not using it. Closed doors help create mildew and that quickly turns into mold.

2. Pre soak your stains

Just like with the dishes, if a clothing item is stained, you should purchase a stain-removing soap and rub it into the affected area before attempting to wash it. If the material is durable, you can also put it on a slightly higher temperature program.

The market is abundant with potent and EPA-approved laundry detergents and stain removing soaps, so you can pick the right flavor for you. However, never use too much of the product. Less is more in this case, as too much of the product can cause skin irritation and other problems.

3. Sort by color and material

Did you know that you don’t need extremely high temperatures to wash most clothing types? With the exception of towels and lingerie, you can wash all of the other garments at around 100°F. Every item has a tag with information about material and the highest temperature. People often make the laundry mistake of not reading the tag.

Make sure to sort all of your clothes before washing them, as silk doesn’t wash well with cotton or lycra. Don’t forget to wash all your whites separately from your darks and colored garments. If your laundry machine doesn’t seem full, that’s alright, because sometimes a full load of laundry can prevent the appliance from thoroughly washing the clothes.

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