How to Teach Your Children to Help You With House Cleaning

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How do I encourage my child to cleanEverything is easier when you have help and house cleaning in West Covina, CA is no exception. By teaching your kids how to clean, you’ll not only get a sparkling clean home, but also give your children a vital skill set that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

But what if your children refuse to do even a quick house cleaning, let alone give it the attention it needs to truly shine? What can you do to encourage them to keep their rooms tidy? Are kids even capable of delivering an effective deep cleaning?

Read on to learn the answers to these questions, and more.

How do you teach kids to do chores?

Many parents fall into the trap of thinking their children are too young or otherwise not ready to have any responsibilities around the house. In reality, if your kids are old enough to have a conversation with you, they’re also old enough to do basic chores such as wiping dishes or dusting low shelves.

It’s not enough to simply teach a kid how to clean: they must also develop a cleaning habit. The only way to do this is to make them clean after themselves regularly and not let them do anything fun until they’ve completed their chores.

You must be strict here. Your kids will only try to be lazy and evade their responsibilities if they know they can get away with it. By not letting them play until they’re done with their chores, they’ll have no choice but to get into the habit of keeping things tidy.

How do I encourage my child to clean?

Some parents think that they should reward their children for doing their chores by giving them their favorite snacks or even buying them gifts at the Plaza West Covina. While an occasional reward is perfectly fine, you don’t want your kids to feel entitled to a “payment” for completing their chores.

Here are two tried-and-true methods to encourage your children to clean:

  • Promote teamwork. Explain to your kids that nobody likes mopping the floors and polishing the windows, but that this must be done if they are to remain healthy and happy. By turning cleaning into a group effort, it’ll be easier for them to accept it as something that everybody, including them, has to do.
  • Scare them. Tell them what happens when a house isn’t cleaned. Show them photos of bug and mold-infested homes. Describe in graphic detail the nasty diseases they can catch if they live in a dirty place.

How do I get my child to keep their room clean?

How do you teach kids to do choresAll of the above applies here as well. Don’t allow your kid to play video games, watch TV, read comic books, play with other kids, or do anything else they enjoy doing until they’ve finished their cleaning. Children can’t stand boredom, so it’s only a matter of time before they give up and do their chores.

Of course, your kid will be resistant at first. Don’t let their crying or stubbornness get the better of you. It’s crucial that you and your spouse are on the same page because your child will likely try to appeal to the other parent if you refuse to relent.

Needless to say, giving in to your kid’s desire to be lazy will cause them to grow up spoiled and unprepared for adult life. Don’t do it.

Where can I schedule reliable house cleaning in West Covina CA?

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