Preparing for an Open House: Cleaning Checklist

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How can I prepare my home for an open houseAn open house is a great opportunity to show off the best parts of your home for the potential buyer to see. Since you won’t be present during the event, it’s important to prepare everything in advance. People usually contact cleaning agencies for hire in Montebello, CA, so they can make sure that every inch of their home is spotless.

There’s a lot of work you need to do before your house can be shown to the public. We’ve prepared a checklist for you so that you don’t miss a single thing while preparing your home.

How to prepare for an open house?

Whether you’re cleaning your rental or you want to sell your home, the open house preparations are the same. However, depending on the type of your property, there is more or less work to do.

If you’re rerenting, you might want to consider hiring a tenant turnover cleaning service so that you don’t have to deal with any potential mess your previous tenant had left. Now, let’s focus on cleaning the home you plan on selling.

Important areas to consider cleaning

Houses require a lot of work. Apart from making sure every inch of every room is perfectly neat and clean, you should also take care of the area around the house. This may include:

  • Garage
  • Backyard
  • Frontyard
  • Pool
  • Greenhouse

Don’t forget to tidy and clean your basement and the attic. Your open house guests will want to see every part of the house, and this includes these two rooms.

Detailed cleaning checklist

A cleaning checklist for an open house clean is similar to the one you use when you deep clean. So pay attention to the details when cleaning, like:

  • Redoing the grout in your bathroom or kitchen
  • Defrosting the fridge and the freezer
  • Removing all personal decorations, like photos, medical prescriptions or valuable items
  • Washing the area around your windows, like the frame or curtain rods
  • Cleaning ceiling lights
  • Removing all the cobwebs
  • Washing the couch pillows

In short, you want to make your house look like no one has lived in it. Since it can sometimes be complicated to notice every single detail, you might think about hiring a cleaning servicePreparing for an Open House Cleaning Checklist before selling your home. By doing this, you can focus on more important things that are part of the open house preparation process.

Keep in mind that cleaning should be the last thing on your list because the house will get dirty in a matter of days. Plan your tasks so that you have enough time to do everything before the open house day comes, leaving cleaning for the last possible minute.

What else to do before your open house

Other important things to do before the event are:

  • Repaint all the walls
  • Place a sign that says “For Sale” a few days before the event
  • Change every broken lightbulb
  • Remove any clutter, keep the surfaces clear
  • Check for scratches on the furniture and doors
  • Replace house numbers if the current ones are worn out
  • Check for unpleasant odors in every room

On the day of the open house, before you leave, fill a few bowls with snacks and finger food, to invite the visitors to look for a bit longer. Also, don’t forget to take out any trash that’s left in the house and store away the bins.

Where can I find cleaning agencies for hire in Montebello, CA?

How to prepare for an open houseWe know that preparing for an open house can be a very stressful process, especially because you’re planning it with the intention of selling your property. This is why Oasis Natural Cleaning can help you reduce that stress. Give us a call today and we will provide you with some of the best professional cleaners to help make your house look perfect for the event. Go and browse The Shops at Montebello and leave the cleaning to us!

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