How to Sanitize Your Kitchen Before You Move In

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Settling into a new home is an exciting venture. While settling in, ensuring that your kitchen is spotless and sanitary is a top priority. If you’re in La Habra Heights, a move-in cleaning service can provide the peace of mind that your new culinary space is ready for your family’s creations. Whether you choose to rely on the pros or not, let’s make sure you know how to properly sanitize your kitchen in your new home.

How do you deep clean a kitchen before moving in?

A thorough deep clean of your kitchen is essential to ensure it’s safe and hygienic for meal preparations. Here are the necessary steps for a thorough cleanup:

How do you deep clean a kitchen before moving in1. Start with the refrigerator

It’s vital to start with the fridge as it’s the appliance that will store your food. Remove all shelves and drawers and wash them with warm soapy water. Sanitize the interior with a food-safe disinfectant before replacing the components. Let it all dry out and put everything back in.

2. Tackle the oven and stove

Ovens and stovetops can harbor a lot of grease and food residue, especially if you’re moving into a rental where someone has used them before. Use a commercial oven product for the interior, and for the stove, remove the burners and knobs to wipe down each part individually. 

3. Disinfect the countertops

Countertops should be cleared, wiped down, and disinfected. Pay special attention to seams and edges where crumbs and debris accumulate. Use a disinfectant that’s safe for food surfaces. Pay attention to the material of your countertop, as not all products are safe for all countertops.

4. Tackle the cabinets and pantry

Empty cabinets and pantries should be vacuumed out to remove any lingering dust or pests. Then, wipe them down with a gentle cleanser before lining them with fresh shelf paper if desired. 

5. Focus on sinks and faucets

Sinks and faucets can be full of germs. Wipe down and polish the sink with a non-abrasive solution and use a disinfectant around the faucet and handles, which are frequently touched. 

6. Address the floors last

After all other areas are dealt with, vacuum the floors in your new kitchen. After that, you should mop the floors with a powerful disinfectant. If your kitchen has tile, grout may also need a targeted solution to look its best.

7. Remember the small appliances

Toasters, microwaves, and other small appliances should be wiped down inside and out. They can often be overlooked but are crucial to a fully sanitized kitchen. This is especially important if there are already some old small appliances in the apartment when you settle in. 

Where in La Habra Heights and the surrounding area can I find a reliable move-in cleaning service?

Where in La Habra Heights and the surrounding area can I find a reliable move-in cleaning serviceOur expert team at Oasis Natural Cleaning is here to help you make your new home shine. We understand that your time is valuable, especially when relocating. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your individual needs, whether you’re pressed for time, need a more detailed approach, or are preparing a sanitized nursery for a new baby

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