6 Tips for Cleaning Your Rental Property During Winter

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How do I clean my rental in the winterKeeping your rental property as neat as a button is essential if you want to garner positive reviews and attract the right sort of renter. However, property maintenance can be a bit more demanding in some periods of the year, which is why you should learn some useful tips for rental property cleaning during winter.

As this is a formidable task, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many people tend to use a professional property management cleaning service in Pico Rivera, CA. This article outlines a straightforward strategy for efficient rental property cleaning in winter. Read on!

How do I clean my rental in the winter?

Here are 6 important things to look out for and do when cleaning your rental property during winter:

1. Look for cracks in the walls

Looking for cracks is one of the higher priorities on a landlord’s inspection list. The areas that are the most likely to become damaged are the edges around windows and doors as well as exterior walls. 

You should repair caulking or sealant if necessary, as openings in the structure can cause water to get in and freeze, causing cracks and the formation of mold which is one of the most dangerous indoor air pollutants. You should also consider exterior wall insulation to keep the heating costs down and moisture out.

2. Clean gutters and inspect the roof

You need to clean the gutters thoroughly to ensure that they function properly during the wet winter season. Check the roof for leaks before the rain and snow begin. You should repair the roof if there are loose or missing shingles. It’s advisable to call a licensed professional cleaner as performing this task can be tricky. Make sure that the cleaner is vetted and bonded, as the absence of this is one of the signs of bad property management cleaners.

3. Clean the chimney

If your property has a fireplace, you should inspect and clean the chimney and vents at least once a year. This is a great way to prepare for a property management cleaning, as it will reduce the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Check the plumbing fixtures

Frozen pipes can cause some serious damage if they burst when the temperature drops. Call the plumber to check if there are any cracks and if anything needs to be replaced. You should insulate them with foam or wrap them if they’re not insulated. Don’t forget to detach garden hoses and cover outdoor spigots.

5. Monitor the heat temperature

Even if the rental is vacant you should keep the temperature at a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. Monitor if the temperature drops lower than this and make the necessary adjustments.

6. Prune trees and shrubs

Check your property for any vegetation that needs a trim and see if there are signs of dead or damaged limbs because heavy snow and ice on branches can weigh them down and cause breakages that can harm residents, damage the property or create obstacles.

It would be good to let the professionals do this as this is one of the advantages of hiring property management cleaners. Don’t forget to give the grass one final cut before the first big freeze. 

Which property management cleaning service in Pico Rivera, CA should I opt for? 

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