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Streamlined residential home cleaning

Our top priority at Oasis Natural Cleaning is to make our customers fully satisfied. This is why we’ll dispatch the most effective and dependable house cleaners to your home in Bell Gardens. With the utmost care and dedication, our chosen specialists will make their best effort to clean all the dirty corners of your place. You can count on us regardless of the level of upkeep your home needs.

Reliable move in/move out cleaning

We offer a comprehensive package for our customers who are relocating to a new place. You can rest assured that our house cleaners will take care of both your old and new home. With years of experience under their belts, our specialists are well-versed in delivering detail-oriented move in and out cleaning services to residents from Bell Gardens and the surrounding areas.

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During our screening procedure, we ensure that every house cleaner we collaborate with possesses adequate skills for a wide variety of tasks demanded by our clients. We also choose pros who exhibit a willingness to implement innovations in the industry.

Equitable Prices

You don’t need to worry about being overcharged. We carefully select individuals who are able to deliver quality maid services without demanding unreasonably high prices for their work. What’s more, you can expect full transparency and honesty.

Constantly Improving

Flexibility and innovation are only some of our core values. This is why we employ experts who use the most up-to-date technology and are willing to listen to what our customers have to say. The end result is enhanced satisfaction of our clients.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

To ensure your full happiness, we’ll send technicians back to your home in Bell Gardens to fix any mistakes that may have been made, without additional costs. Caring for our customers is at the top of our list.


We’ll find a crew of experts ready to come to your home whenever you need it. Whether you need to book residential home cleaning or just want to reschedule an existing one in Bell Gardens, your house cleaners will be ready.

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"We are very happy with Oasis and I look forward to a lasting relationship with them. Thanks again!"

− Kay L. - Monterey Park, CA

"Oasis Natural Cleaning is the best cleaning company I have ever used! My entire house sparkles!!"

− Terri S. - Whittier, CA

"They are prompt and they care about your experience and their quality of work. "

− Carol T.

"I have used this service for a few months now. Always had a very good experience with Rosario and his crew. "

− Jesse W.



Your free price estimate is just a few clicks away. You only need to book an appointment on our website.


We take care of your environment. To make everyone in your home entirely safe, we use fully natural chemicals.


Your house cleaners will pay attention to the smallest dirty parts of your home utilizing techniques of the highest quality.


Hourly prices of professional cleaning in Bell Gardens will depend on the type and scope of your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning?

The main difference between standard and deep cleaning has to do with their scopes. While the former includes only the upkeep of the most visible areas of your home, the latter is focused on your entire place, particularly hidden areas that get dirty over time. This is why deep cleaning takes place on a less regular basis.

What makes a home look dirty?

Some things make your home in Bell Gardens appear dirtier than it actually is. Particularly ostensible is clutter, no matter if it includes furniture, blankets, or throws. Very visible are also carpet stains and faded curtains, as well as dirty doors, walls, or baseboards. Even poor lighting can add up to a bad appearance.

What to clean before moving out of an apartment?

There are several things you should do before leaving your apartment. You should make sure all the doors, floors, and windows are carefully wiped down and vacuumed. You may also consider cleaning up all the kitchen and bathroom items, including cupboards, sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs. To spare yourself from the unnecessary effort, you can also order professional move out cleaning services.

How long does it take to deep clean a house?

If you do the job yourself, it may take around 8 hours to clean a standard three-bedroom house. To speed up the process, you may book professional cleaning services to complete the work in several hours.

Who is the main provider of house & move in/move out cleaning services in Bell Gardens, CA & the area?

Our mission at Oasis Natural Cleaning is to deliver reliable and effective services to our clients. With every project, we strive to make our customers more satisfied with our work. Years of experience have taught us that matching our clients with rigorously trained and well-equipped house cleaners is the winning formula for everyone. You can rely on us for:

No matter if you live near The Bicycle Hotel & Casino or the Aquatic Center, we’re ready to find the best house cleaners for you. Just call (562) 646-6793 or fill out our online booking form. You can rest assured that your home will be in good hands!