Top Property Management Cleaning Services Lakewood, CA

Boosting your business is easy with professional cleaning services that can make any space sparkle.

No one can reach our level of expertise

When you book with Oasis Natural Cleaning, you get service quality that other cleaning agencies for hire in Lakewood, CA cannot match. We work with the leading cleaning pros who have the skills and equipment needed to clean any property to perfection. Real estate agents, developers, and property managers are just a call away from turning their business around.

Move in/move out cleaning

Pressure washing

Post-construction cleaning

Window washing

Hard floor waxing & stripping

Carpet cleaning

Expert cleaning services for property management in Lakewood, CA like no other

Property managers, realtors, and renovation contractors can achieve their objectives with zero hassle by simply booking professional cleaning services. If you’re ready to take your business to a higher level, just let the pros handle the clean-up of your property. Rely on Oasis Natural Cleaning and reap valuable benefits:

  • Thoroughly screened and evaluated cleaners
  • Cleaning professionals with unmatched experience
  • Two-million liability insurance takes away all the risks
  • Tailored cleaning service that is nothing short of perfection
  • Payments via card, check or ACH with 30-day net invoicing
  • Fair, transparent fees based on a competitive pricing model
  • Online/email booking that saves time and takes away the stress
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Cleaning services for realtors in Lakewood bring

Property buyers and renters pay attention to numerous factors when choosing a property and hygiene is the first thing they consider. A dirty, unsightly property will never appeal to serious buyers. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution - hiring professional cleaners! Here at Oasis Natural Cleaning, we work with cleaning superstars who know all the tricks of the trade.

Not only will they remove all the visible dirt, dust, and debris, but they will do so with utmost precision, efficiency, and care. How can this benefit your business? It’s quite simple! Specialized property cleaning can: 

  • Boost your referral rates 
  • Help with tenant retention
  • Bring more profit in the long run
  • Increase property value & appeal
  • Appeal to serious buyers & tenants 
  • Lead to quick property sale & turnover 
  • Form dependable business partnerships
  • Offer unrivaled quality & excellent results 

Affordable Pricing Estimates

Move In/Move Out

Includes a deep clean of the entire interior of the property:

1 bedroom – $138.60
2 bedroom – $244.80
3 bedroom – $306.00

Carpet Cleaning

Hallways and living areas at no extra change.

1 bedroom – $115
2 bedroom – $135
3 bedroom – $165
4 bedroom – $195
5 bedroom – $225
Stairways – $45
Moving – $65 per hour

Window Washing

Based on the size of your home:

<1200 sq.ft – $265
1201 – 1800 sq.ft – $295
1801 – 2400 – $360
2401 – 3000 sq.ft – $395
3001 – 3600 sq.ft – $435
>3600 sq.ft – call for quote

Wood, Tile And Grout Restoration - 55 Pre Sq. Ft. ($200 minimum)
Pressure Washing - call for quote
Post-Construction Cleaning - call for quote

Cleaning for realtors in Lakewood, CA offers reliability

Whether you’re hosting an open house day or trying to attract long-term tenants, as a real estate agent, you need to make sure that everything is spick and span. 

And the cleaners we send will ensure it is. You can count on your cleaners to help you prepare any real estate listing and enhance its appeal by offering unparalleled cleaning service. Your cleaners are all highly qualified and trained professionals who are always ready to roll up their sleeves and get down to business. You will have time to deal with other arrangements while your cleaners make the properties immaculate. For any special requests or additional information, feel free to call us at (562) 646-6793!

Cleaning after construction in Lakewood, CA is hassle-free

The final stage of any construction project is cleaning. This enables developers to present their masterful renovation work in the best possible light. 

However, since contractors have other post-construction tasks to complete, we’ll gladly send a team to take over the cleaning. We work with highly competent and experienced cleaners who know all the challenges of post-construction cleaning and can easily overcome them. They will use first-rate products and advanced equipment to clean renovated properties to the last speck of dust. Once they’re done, your construction project will be sparkling clean, demonstrating your skillful work.

Unrivaled cleaners: expertise & trustworthiness guaranteed

When considering different cleaning agencies for hiring in Lakewood, CA, you need to find one that works with trusted individuals with outstanding backgrounds and references. Luckily, you’ve already found it – Oasis Natural Cleaning. We team up with the best cleaners in the area who’ve passed our background and reference checks, as well as other competence-focused evaluations.

Not only are they trustworthy and dependable, but they’re also focused on meeting our clients’ needs and providing them with the best cleaning possible. Whether you’re a property manager, real estate agent, or developer, partnering with Oasis Natural cleaning is a winning combination for your business.

Your go-to service for property management cleaning in the region

Oasis Natural cleaning works with cleaning experts across the area, so there’s no doubt we can arrange for peerless property management cleaning services in Gabriel Valley, as well as detailed cleaning after construction in West Covina, CA. Rest easy knowing that you can always rely on someone to help you with property management cleaning.

What’s more, we can also match you with cleaners who offer trusted house cleaning services in Lakewood, CA and hassle-free move in move out cleaning in Lakewood, CA. Simply put, you don’t have to deal with cleaning on your own. Leave it to the best pros around and focus on other things in your life. Schedule an appointment today!

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