Leading Property Management Cleaning Services in Norwalk, CA

Reliable and detailed cleaning services for realtors, contractors, and property managers.

A thorough cleaning can greatly improve your property

As the leader among local cleaning agencies for hire in Norwalk and the area, Oasis Natural Cleaning specializes in matching its clients with dependable cleaning experts who can provide them with comprehensive cleaning services for property management professionals, contractors, and realtors. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to boost your property’s value and increase its market appeal, so feel free to schedule your professional-grade cleaning.

Move in/move out cleaning

Pressure washing

Post-construction cleaning

Window washing

Hard floor waxing & stripping

Carpet cleaning

Quality cleaning services for realtors & other professionals in Norwalk

The cleaners we work with possess the know-how, the experience, and the tools needed to provide expert-level property management cleaning services, as well as in-depth cleaning after construction in Norwalk and surrounding communities. With us, you can expect:

  • Seasoned and highly qualified cleaning professionals
  • A truly comprehensive cleaning service that cuts no corners
  • 30-day net invoicing - pay by ACH, card, or check
  • Hassle-free booking via email or through our web form
  • Flat and competitive pricing with no hidden fees
  • Carefully screened, reference and background-checked cleaners
  • Two-million liability insurance policy
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The difference professional property management cleaning services make

The last thing you want is to present prospective renters or buyers in Norwalk with an unhygienic property. By bringing your clients and investors into an expertly cleaned space, you’ll be sending all the right messages and putting their minds at ease from the get go.

You only get one chance to make a positive first impression. Oasis Natural Cleaning can help you do just that by supplying you with all the benefits of a professional cleaning, including:

  • Drawing in serious renters or property buyers
  • Boosting the value and appeal of your property
  • Building stronger partnerships
  • Helping you get faster and easier property sales
  • Ensuring your property receives top-quality cleanings
  • Increasing tenant retention and referrals
  • Boosting your long-term earnings

Affordable Pricing Estimates

Move In/Move Out

Includes a deep clean of the entire interior of the property:

1 bedroom – $138.60
2 bedroom – $244.80
3 bedroom – $306.00

Carpet Cleaning

Hallways and living areas at no extra change.

1 bedroom – $115
2 bedroom – $135
3 bedroom – $165
4 bedroom – $195
5 bedroom – $225
Stairways – $45
Moving – $65 per hour

Window Washing

Based on the size of your home:

<1200 sq.ft – $265
1201 – 1800 sq.ft – $295
1801 – 2400 – $360
2401 – 3000 sq.ft – $395
3001 – 3600 sq.ft – $435
>3600 sq.ft – call for quote

Wood, Tile And Grout Restoration - 55 Pre Sq. Ft. ($200 minimum)
Pressure Washing - call for quote
Post-Construction Cleaning - call for quote

Versatile cleaning services property management professionals trust

We use a rigorous vetting and background-checking system to ensure every cleaner we send you is a reliable industry pro who takes pride in their work and possesses an ethical and trustworthy personality. 

Whether you’re looking to get your home ready for the real estate market, or you need someone who can keep a residential or commercial property clean over an extended period, don’t hesitate to reach out to Oasis Natural Cleaning. We’ll send you the cleaners whose unique skills and background are perfectly suited to meet your needs. Call (562) 646-6793 today!

Thorough cleaning after construction services in Norwalk

Removing every last trace of construction dust and debris from a freshly built or renovated space is vital in order to protect its future occupants and make sure the property looks its best. 

The post-construction cleaning experts Oasis Natural Cleaning teams up with possess both the training and the experience necessary to render truly comprehensive post-construction cleanings. Furthermore, they’re equipped with heavy-duty HEPA vacuum cleaners that are designed to catch fine particles and dispose of them in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Our cleaning for realtors, contractors & property managers saves you time

At Oasis Natural Cleaning, we understand our clients are busy professionals in Norwalk who have a range of obligations. To save you time, we devised an intuitive scheduling process that allows you to book recurring cleanings in less than a minute from any device.

Furthermore, we use a secure payment system that safeguards your sensitive data. Our pricing is 100% flat, so we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees, sudden price hikes, or unexpected expenses. 

Your go-to cleaning services for property management in Norwalk, CA & surrounding areas

As the leader among cleaning agencies for hiring in the region, Oasis Natural Cleaning can help realtors, contractors, and property managers in Norwalk increase the value of their properties and attract the right kind of investor or client.

The cleaning experts we send you can also render various other cleaning services, including move out/move in cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning, and cleaning after construction. Feel free to give us a call if you need professional-grade property management cleaning services in Santa Fe Springs, recurring property management cleanings in San Gabriel Valley, and more.

Call (562) 646-6793 or use our online booking form to schedule your cleaning today. Your cleaners will make short work of any dirt and dust at your property while you focus on running your business or simply relax at the Norwalk Arts & Sports Complex with your friends and family.

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