Premium Property Management Cleaning Services in West Covina, CA

Quality cleaning provided by professionals who go above and beyond is just a phone call away!

In-depth cleaning for added value

Regardless of your specific line of work, be it real estate, development or property management, one thing is certain: you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. Your approach to the cleanliness of the property you offer your clients is a reflection of your approach to business in general. Finding cleaning agencies for hiring in West Covina CA is not that hard. Finding one you can fully trust to meet your standards and expectations every time is a different story. The search is over. Enter Oasis Natural Cleaning!

Move in/move out cleaning

Pressure washing

Post-construction cleaning

Window washing

Hard floor waxing & stripping

Carpet cleaning

All-in-one cleaning services for property management West Covina CA

Meet the leading cleaning experts in the area, ready to make the commercial or residential property under your care look sparkling clean in next to no time. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cleaning professionals with years of experience
  • Thoroughly vetted cleaners you can trust
  • Added protection based on our insurance policy
  • Consistent quality performance
  • Transparent costs and competitive prices
  • Time-efficient scheduling process available online and by e-mail
  • Check, card or ACH payment with 30-day net invoicing
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Raising the bar for cleaning agencies for hire in West Covina CA

Here at Oasis Natural Cleaning, we do not have a generic approach to cleaning. Instead, we go our of our way to work out the optimal approach tailored to the client. This is one of the main benefits we offer our clients whose top priority is to make a peace of property look as appealing as possible: we will make it sparkling clean and all the more inviting.

Oasis Natural Cleaning team performs to the highest professional standards, making us a one-stop-shop and the ideal choice of forward-thinking real estate agents, developers and property managers. Here are the perks and benefits you can expect when you put us in charge:

  • Enhancing the visual appeal of the property
  • Increasing the likelihood of attracting serious buyers/renters
  • A higher number of client referrals
  • Increased tenant retention 
  • Making the property sale process fast and smooth
  • Lasting partnership
  • Long-term profit
  • Superior and consistent quality

Affordable Pricing Estimates

Move In/Move Out

Includes a deep clean of the entire interior of the property:

1 bedroom – $138.60
2 bedroom – $244.80
3 bedroom – $306.00

Carpet Cleaning

Hallways and living areas at no extra change.

1 bedroom – $115
2 bedroom – $135
3 bedroom – $165
4 bedroom – $195
5 bedroom – $225
Stairways – $45
Moving – $65 per hour

Window Washing

Based on the size of your home:

<1200 sq.ft – $265
1201 – 1800 sq.ft – $295
1801 – 2400 – $360
2401 – 3000 sq.ft – $395
3001 – 3600 sq.ft – $435
>3600 sq.ft – call for quote

Wood, Tile And Grout Restoration - 55 Pre Sq. Ft. ($200 minimum)
Pressure Washing - call for quote
Post-Construction Cleaning - call for quote

Outshine the competition with our help

Here at Oasis Natural Cleaning, we understand the challenges you face day in, day out. It is not easy to make a name for oneself when you’re dealing with fierce competition. But it is not impossible: join forces with the best in the cleaning business and let us take over. Like you, we leave nothing to chance and let nothing fall through the cracks. We know how hectic a typical day in your professional life can be, which is why we are more than happy to give you a helping hand. We are the number one choice for professional cleaning for property management, post-construction cleaning and cleaning for realtors in West Covina, CA. Let us show you what makes us stand out!

We can help you raise property appeal

Have you invested a lot of money into a remodeling project for your commercial property? Then let us help you make the most of it. As the go-to business for cleaning after construction in West Covina, CA, we are a trusted choice of developers, realtors and property managers. We will go out of our way to make your property look its best following the renovation process. The cleaners we will send your way are unmatched and have a remarkable ability to tailor the approach to your property with meticulous attention to detail. This in-depth approach allows them to remove every trace of dust and debris, so the place will look and feel clean and fresh in the shortest amount of time!

Bringing you professional cleaners you can trust

Experience in the cleaning business and commitment to customer satisfaction have helped us grow into the leading provider of cleaning services for property management in West Covina CA. All the cleaners we match you with are hand-picked local professionals who have gone through our thorough background checks and recruitment process.

They are individuals and professionals you can have absolute confidence in. Their diligent approach to cleaning is based on effective cleaning strategies, smart time management and attention to detail. Last but not least, you can expect a customized approach in accordance with your needs, preferences and special circumstances.

We have made a name for ourselves throughout the area. And it goes far beyond expert property management cleaning in San Gabriel Valley and the surrounding area. Reach out to us for top-quality real estate cleaning in Brea, here in West Covina or anywhere throughout San Gabriel Valley. We are also West Covina’s number one choice for house cleaning, as well as the leading provider of move in & move out cleaning in West Covina and beyond.

Cleaning for realtors West Covina CA: the quickest way to boost property appeal

Are you a real estate agent looking for top-quality cleaning services for realtors in West Covina CA in order to make a good first impression on first-time clients? We are the #1 choice for realtors, property managers and developers in need of an efficient cleaning service that delivers. Whether you need deep cleaning to make a piece of property more presentable for open-house day or a standard showing or heavy-duty cleaning after construction, West Covina CA is the place to be.

The Oasis Natural Cleaning crew is always ready to put effort and time into making the property look its absolute best when it matters most. You can rely on us for one-time cleaning or, for extra convenience, make a long-term arrangement so we take over the cleaning of your property in the long run. We promise unwavering professionalism, consistent quality, and the ultimate customer experience.

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